How do I use live oil

How do I use live oil

Live oil

Many people especially women suffer from a lot of hair problems; Such as infection that affects the scalp, dandruff falling white, which cause embarrassment, and also itching, hair loss and lightness, and baldness as well. Recently there is a great guide for people to use oils that help a lot in solving hair problems without the need to resort to drugs chemical negative effects, and the most important oils that are useful in the treatment of hair problems, and help to strengthen the scalp, increasing hair "original live oil", the intensity of what is this the oil? What are the benefits of hair? How can we use it?

Was associated with live oil Balofy name or the snake has a lot of people, even if many of them asked about the sanctity of being inferred from fat snake, but this belief is completely wrong; Since the live oil is a certain herb extract in addition to other oils added to it; As oil coconut oil, tea tree oil, juniper, as well as cocoa butter, so you can use it without fear of it, there is no side effects there is little for him.

How do I use live oil

  • You have to wash your hair thoroughly with water and keep it moist, then Tdlki your scalp with little live oil and Taatrkih from three to about four hours, and then wash your hair with lukewarm water, and make sure to repeat this process at least three times a week until you have the desired result.
  • You have to Preparing a mixture of oils to increase the use of this effect of the oil, and this mixture is made up of live oil, sesame oil, aloe vera, olive oil and mustard oil, and Ttbaka recipe by mixing all oils together equal of each type the amount to suit your hair length and density, and then Put the mixture in a bowl in a bath of warm water until they become lukewarm, and Put the mixture on your hair the day of your vacation once a week from morning till evening, if you can, and finally rinse your hair with warm water, and repeat weekly operation for a month until you have the desired result.

The benefits of live hair oil

  • It helps live oil to prevent hair loss and increase density.
  • Handles dry hair problems, and helps increase the smoothness and moistened length.
  • It gives hair freshness and shine distinctive, especially if mixing and other oils as we mentioned earlier.
  • It works on an individual curly hair and increase its length, and to get rid of the many Tjaaidh.
  • It protects hair from brittle and break.
  • According to greasy hair; Where he works on drying and increase its strength and protection.
  • Feeding the hair follicles, which helps in the prevention of baldness.


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