How do I turn myself with something useful

How do I turn myself with something useful


  • 1 File reading
  • 2 do a social activity
  • 3 Creativity
  • 4 other ways to exploit the time
  • 5 References

File reading

You can exploit the free time by creating a component file from a collection of articles or unwanted papers to read, and then download this file to any location; In order to exploit the time available, it is possible to keep a copy of it in the list of favorite documents on your computer in a way able to access it when you are in the office, for example. [1]

Do social activity

It can exploit free time in a useful and Mattah through actively carry out social, and this trend towards volunteering to serve somewhere, and enjoy the greatness of the feeling of the resulting, and the exploitation of personal energy and time available intelligently, or join a group in a club, group fitness, or organize hiking trails distances range, and take advantage of the time to achieve self-pleasure and the formation of a social life. [2]


Many of the activities allow the exercise or learn editing side of the creative person, so it is useful to exploit the free time, and occupancy of self in the search for their own field of passion, it can go to learn to play a certain musical instrument, or trying to learn one of the areas of the arts, as an industry pottery or drawing, can also be oriented towards the discovery of creative writing abilities of poems or poetry, or stories, and other opportunities. [2]

Other means to take advantage of the time

Multiple methods that can be followed to fill in a self useful in leisure, including time: [3]

  • Exercise, they are beneficial to the body and mind where both help improve mood and reduce stress, as well as increased levels of clear thinking and sound and creativity of the individual.
  • Learn new topics appropriate for special tendencies, such as learning languages ​​or the basics of information technology and others.
  • Exercise that helps to relax, improve productivity and yoga, or meditation for a few minutes without doing something else.
  • Take a break and meet with loved ones and family.


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