How do I take care of the lemon tree

How do I take care of the lemon tree


  • 1 to maintain the appropriate temperature
  • 2 fertilization and moisture care
  • 3 trim trees
  • 4 seed cultivation correct way
  • 5 lemons protect trees from pests
  • 6 video calendar of trees
  • 7 References

Maintain the proper temperature

Can low temperature affect the citrus trees in general, has caused temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius trees damage, or death, so should avoid exposure to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, [1] The citrus trees of trees that are affected frost, the proportion of vulnerability which may vary from one type to another; As the lemon (except type Meyer lemon) are more sensitive to frost than oranges, so should avoid citrus cultivation or placed in areas that are exposed to severe frost, as well as to avoid sites that are exposed to strong winds. [2]

Moisture and fertilization care

Water is the most important things necessary for the growth of the lemon is well tree, you must maintain soil moisture for irrigation through the drip system, or water hoses, or the use of sawdust, taking care to fertilize lemon trees two to three times from spring until the summer Bosmdh citrus, as trees planted in containers need fertilization per month until the middle of summer. [3]

Trim trees

Care to trim the branches that grow along the trunk of the tree at any time, twigs thin in late winter after harvest lemon, so as to strengthen the main branches bearing fruit, in addition to leaving a distance (10.16-15.24 cm) about them, the fruit to grow larger, even if fewer. [3]

Planting seeds in the right way

Protection of lemon trees from pests

Be careful monitoring of lemon trees planted continuously to protect them from exposure to multiple lesions, and the use of antibiotics for each disease or pest infected by trees, and pesticides to get rid of aphids and other insects that may harm lemon trees. [3]

Video calendar of trees

Are you planning to add some of the trees in the yard of your home but you do not know how to organize time take care of it? If you use the assessment of the trees:


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