How do I take care of the appearance of my hand and my nails

How do I take care of the appearance of my hand and my nails


  • 1 Nail Care 1.1 maintain hygiene 1.2 Cut nails 1.3 Non-coating put nails frequently
  • 1.1 maintain hygiene
  • 1.2 Cut nails
  • 1.3 Non-coating put nails frequently
  • 2 Hand Care
  • 3 References

Nail Care

Maintain hygiene

The girl must be careful to do what comes in order to maintain the safety and cleanliness of nails: [1]

  • Not to expose the nails to large amounts of water; To keep them from cracking.
  • Drying nail well, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria under the nails.

Cut nails

Dr. Chapman, women are advised not to cut nails and note f especially in the case of fragile nails and many break-ups, and women must be careful not to prolong much nails, shortened, and its response in a circular motion; In order to facilitate doing all the things that may be hindered by the length of the nails, and get nails more beautiful, [2] It should be noted here the need to use scissors sharp nails when you cut the nails, and their response immediately after the completion of the shear. [1]

Not nail polish frequently put

Should ensure all women and girls to give her nails a break from setting nail polish, for example, could the girl remove nail polish from her nails weekend or during the week without laying another coating, as put nails frequently coating will cause Bajafavha, and turn it to the color yellow, and over time will weaken the nail structure. [2]

Hand Care

Women can do several things to take care with her hands, including the following: [3]

  • Wash your hands with warm water, where damage cold and hot water skin.
  • Wearing gloves before exposing hands to many chemicals, water, and while working in the garden, and when exposed to cold weather in winter.
  • Massage hands starting from the fleshy part of the hand near the base of the thumb finger, a transition to all fingers.
  • Use sunscreen before exposure to sunlight to protect the hands from pigmentation and brown spots and wrinkles.
  • Peeling hands at least once a week to remove dead skin, can hand rub and peel at home by rubbing the hand by mixing consists of a spoon of olive oil, sugar, and lemon juice.
  • Moisturizing hands at least three to four times a day using the best types of refreshments, [3] with the need for attention to get a humidifier to also nails. [1]


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