How do I take care of daily Bbcherta

How do I take care of daily Bbcherta


  • 1 the importance of daily skin care
  • 2 ways of skin care and preservation
  • 3 Home masks for skin care 3.1 Mask milk and yeast 3.2 Mix cucumber and yogurt 3.3 starch mask 3.4 oats and honey mask 3.5 honey mask and cinnamon
  • 3.1 Mask milk and yeast
  • 3.2 Mix cucumber and yogurt
  • 3.3 starch mask
  • 3.4 oats and honey mask
  • 3.5 honey mask and cinnamon
  • 4 mask halva 4.1 Banana mask and watermelon
  • 4.1 Banana mask and watermelon
  • 5 References

The importance of daily skin care

It is the subject of care facial skin is important to many, because it is one of the most vulnerable areas of skin damage, where frequently the secretion of oils which because of the presence of fatty acids, especially in the front area as well as around the eyes, nose and chin glands, so you should clean skin remain as much as possible, and must be protected from sunlight and other environmental factors that adversely affect them, and here we will learn about the ways of skin care and maintain them with the most important recipes. [1]

Skin care and methods of preservation

  • A healthy diet and eat more vegetables and fruits, because they nourish the skin and give the beautiful appearance and bright and maintain freshness. [2]
  • Sleep for several sufficient for at least eight hours per day hours, and this is to prevent the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, or to get rid of them if any. [2]
  • Reduce the intake of sugars to keep the insulin level in the blood naturally, as a lot of sugar will have damage to the skin and skin. [3]
  • Clean the face by make-up remover after each time you use it and not to sleep without removing it. [1]
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the face daily, they must use when you wake up in the morning face lotion or soap, which consists of natural oils, and avoid the use of normal soap, which contains chemicals harmful to skin and works to dry. [2]
  • A lot of drinking water per day, and the quantity ranges between 6-8 glasses, an important water is to give the skin freshness. [2]
  • Use special creams moisten skin and choose the right product for your skin type and nature. [2]
  • Attendance on the use of sunscreen to protect the skin from UV Abannfjsah. [2]
  • Karim put the following day before bedtime because it reduces wrinkles and brown spots or dark skin. [2]
  • By peeling the skin so special products or replace them with natural homemade recipes prepared, cleaned and in order to rid them of impurities and dust. [2]
  • Stay away from stress as exposure to stress is working on the secretion of hormones that make skin look greasy and tired, so it can do exercises yoga to relax and keep calm, and there are special exercises muscles face and jaw to overcome situations of tension. [4]

Home masks for skin care

Milk and yeast mask

Used yeast for many of the things that benefit the skin, they contain vitamin "B" is important for the freshness of the skin, also contain vitamin "B 5" which reduces wrinkles and resists the signs of aging, and we offer here a mixture of peeling composed of skin from yeast, milk, rose water and prepared by The following method: [5]

  • Mix two tablespoons of yeast with two tablespoons of powdered milk in a cup containing rose water.
  • Distribute the mixture on the face and leave for half an hour, then wash with warm water, this method is repeated once a month.

Mix yogurt option

Option is used in their own skin home masks, long-time, it is characterized by very effectively where reduces dark under circles eyes, as it relieves irritation and burns that may be exposed to the skin. [6] can mix the work of cucumber and yogurt through the following: [2]

  • The sprayed fruit of cucumber in a cup of yogurt and then distributed to the face and leave for a quarter of an hour.
  • Wash the face with cold water.

Starch mask

This mask gives freshness and recovery skin and removes dark spots in the face, as it stimulates blood circulation in the skin, making it look more beautiful and softness, and we need it to: [7]


  • The original packaging of water roses.
  • A small cup of starch.


  • Starch is placed in a package rose water.
  • Shake well until the packaging is dissolved starch.
  • A large spoon taken from this mixture every morning and distributed to the face and leave for 15 minutes and then wash the face with cold water.

Oats and honey mask

This mask works on peeling skin; We must work for the skin peeling once a week, to keep the skin clean and rid it of impurities, as well as to get rid of dead skin cells, and to mask skin peeling it we need the following: [4]


  • A tablespoon of oatmeal.
  • A tablespoon of honey.


  • Ingredients are mixed and distributed to the face.
  • Facial massage circular movement for ten minutes, and is then washed with water.

Honey and Cinnamon Mask

This mask is used to give skin color pink as well as rid of the grain, and it is used by the following method: [8]


  • Four tablespoons of pure honey.
  • A tablespoon of ground cinnamon.


  • Mix cinnamon with honey until well homogeneous components.
  • The mixture is distributed on the face and neck and leave for half an hour.

Halva mask

This mask works to give skin radiance and softness, and is used by the following method: [8]

  • A spoonful of halva are taken and distributed to the entire face.
  • Leave halva on the face until dry, then gently massage the face and then wash it off.

Banana and watermelon mask

This mask is used daily for skin whitening and moisturizing pure and pure and make it, as it is useful in removing dead skin cells, and we need this mask to: [9]


  • The core of the fruit of the banana peel.
  • Piece of watermelon pulp.


  • White pulp are removed by melon knife, then Barsha and set aside.
  • Internal pulp is taken for the fruit and bananas are pureed.
  • The mixing components while getting cohesive dough, and then apply the paste on the face and leave it for a quarter of an hour.
  • Wash the face with cold water.


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