How do I take care of Bozafara

How do I take care of Bozafara


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The important part of nail care to maintain the health and beauty of your hands; Because the nails of the sensitive parts of the body they require special attention in order to show the appearance of attractive also healthy, and be nails healthy pink color, but in case there are white spots on the nails, they indicate that there is a problem in the nail, it has become the color of nails to yellow because of age or because of the presence of infections and perhaps the reason is due to the use of certain types of medications, and to avoid all these problems, it must take care of nails properly, and this is what Snodha in this article. [1]

Nail Problems

Problems that may affect many and the most important of nails: [2]

  • Color change the entire fingernail, or the appearance of a bold font color below.
  • Change the shape of the nail so that zigzags appear in them.
  • Increase the thickness of the nails or on the contrary, it has become very thin.
  • The separation of the nail from the surrounding area.
  • The descent of blood around the nail.
  • Swelling of the area around the fingernail was accompanied by pain.

How treatment and nail care

Pedicures must follow the following healthy habits:

  • Maintain clean nails, keep dry survival to prevent the growth of bacteria in the area below the fingernail. [2]
  • Avoid using water frequently to prevent weak nails. [2]
  • Drinking water, sufficient quantities where the lack of fluid in the body weakens the nails and makes them more likely to break. [1]
  • Trim the nails correctly and consistently. [1]
  • Not use nail polish continuously. [1]
  • Moisturizing hands and feet with nails continuously, especially after using the water, as the preservation of softer nails through moistened prevents breakage. [1]
  • Eat healthy food that contains vitamins and nutritional elements important to the health of the body, such as fruits, vegetables, and fish of all kinds. [1]
  • The use of mixtures consisting of natural materials to maintain the strength of nails. [1]
  • Wearing gloves when using chemicals, especially for women who do housework, or women who work in beauty centers and users of chemical dyes and pharmaceuticals. [1]
  • Stay away from the ways that destroy the nails, such as the use of material paste nails at home or in the beauty centers, as well as to do it for building nails which leads to break nails. [1]
  • Not nail-biting teeth; Because this weakens their growth and makes them grow irregularly. [1]
  • Eating calcium-rich foods such as milk and dairy products, eggs and natural juices. [1]
  • Use transparent nail polish because it strengthens the nails, and the use of promises tapered to be cleaned of dirt. [1]
  • Taking supplements that strengthen nails and hair and are available in pharmacies and do not require a prescription, and the most important of these supplements biotin; Because it helps to strengthen the special nails if they are weak and fragile. [1] [2]
  • Not to open cans or metal lids using harsh nails. [1]
  • Use nail polish remover that is free of acetone; Because this material is dried nails, avoid using oily nail polish remover because it does not provide the necessary moisture for nails, so it can use special foam to remove the nails; It is one of the best materials that remove nail polish, where they are placed by one fingernail in Eliminator tray, then wrapped the finger in both directions right and left to get rid of nail polish. [1]

Nail Care Home Boukltat

  • Sea salt: sea salt is used to strengthen nails and this by putting a little of it in a bowl containing lukewarm water, and then put the fingers in the pot, and repeat this method several times a week to get a quick result. [3]
  • Flax seeds: contain these seeds on many nutrients, such as vitamin group "B", as well as magnesium, lecithin, zinc, protein, potassium, also contains flaxseed on omega-3 needed for the health of the nails, and is used Bdhuraketan by massaging the nails with oil flax seeds for several minutes before bedtime, and then wear Agafarat to keep moisturizing the nails, can also add two tablespoons of flax seed to food and juices to take advantage of it. [4]
  • Olive oil: it is the most important natural materials for the treatment of many health problems, and so it strengthens the nails, and the use of olive oil need to add two tablespoons of it with two tablespoons of honey, and add the egg and one egg, then mix materials together and put on the nail for ten minutes and is washing hands then. [3]
  • Oil vitamin "E": The vitamin "E" has the properties of hydrating keeps moisturizing the nails and gives the required strength, and it can be used by obtaining capsules of vitamin "E" available in pharmacies, and then open the capsule to get the oil inside, and then put the oil on the nails and rub it gently for several minutes and is repeated the process a day before bedtime and this for several weeks, and vitamin "E" has many benefits for nails and other things, health here you should consult your doctor about this vitamin intake. [4]


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