How do I take advantage of orange peel

How do I take advantage of orange peel


  • 1 Fragrant refreshing
  • 2 expel ants and mosquitoes
  • 3 Add flavored tea
  • 4 skin lightening
  • 5 References

Fragrant refreshing

Learned from orange peel through the use of a refreshing atmosphere Kmattr room, by following one of the following steps: [1]

  • Prepare a mixture to be used as a spray freshener when needed, by combining the amount of filling the hand of orange peel and fresh with some cinnamon sticks, and some lemon juice, mixing these ingredients in the amount of two cups of water, then leave the mixture to a boil for about 10 minutes before filtered and left to cool down, and then transferred to a bottle spray; To use it when needed.
  • Prepare powder from orange peels and put them in small containers; To be used by spraying around the house.
  • Drying orange peels and used to eliminate the smell rising from the accumulation of garbage, by putting them in the bottom of the trash.

The expulsion of ants and mosquitoes

Orange peels contain citrus and other compound limonene that causes the smell of the jet, and this compound is considered as a natural repellent for various insects; Because of its dislike of the smell, and it learned from orange peels to expel these insects through the preparation of powder of them, then this spray powder in places infested with the presence of insects, and in a way other can be used to peel fresh repellent orange mosquito and similar through rubbed on the skin. [1]

Add flavored tea

Used orange peels dried Kmenkh natural and delicious tea, whether black tea or tea Chai, and bring this type of flavorings by placing the quantity desired drained from the orange peel on a plate or rack for a few days, taking into account to be arranged as a class one and stacked atop each other, and after dry store in an airtight jar in a place away from direct sunlight, in addition to the possibility of using an oven at a temperature of 93 ° C for drying peels faster. [2]

Skin whitening

Can take advantage of the orange peel skin care, through crushing and forming a paste of them, and then use this paste as a mask for the skin after eased a little, then so it can lighten dark spots that suffer from skin over time, thanks to the natural bleaching properties that include the orange peels, this is as well as its contribution to the disposal of the darkening of the sun's rays resulting from the skin. [3]


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