How do I start bodybuilding

How do I start bodybuilding


  • 1 lifting weights
  • 2 Warm-up through cardio exercises
  • 3 healthy diet
  • 4 Drink Water
  • 5 relaxation from time to time
  • 6 References

Lifting weights

There are many new and advanced machinery for building muscle and located in the sports clubs where they can use or substitute these machines, depending on the weights Dambalz and Albarbelz small, especially for beginners in the field of bodybuilding. [1]

Warm-up through cardio exercises

Must start warmed up for at least five minutes of brisk walking or jogging until you get the right heart rate before exercise exercises muscle, and can warm up through the practice exercises stretching (in English: dynamic stretching) in order to increase the flexibility of the muscles more. [2]

A healthy diet

You must follow a healthy diet to take advantage of the exercises I cut an end, as the person eating different foods that help to maintain the highest level of energy in the body, for example, it is important types of eating carbohydrates, they nourish the muscles before exercise, but after exercise, it helps muscles to absorb amino acids, also eat foods rich in protein can help in re-tissue repair and build muscle mass in the body, and finally, eating healthy fats helps to burn fat and maintain the level of energy during exercise. [3]

Drink Water

Must drink enough water and keep amounts on the body moisturizing regularly. During the exercise, you should drink water and keep special body moisture when the exercise in high temperatures in the summer, it helps the body to prepare for the next exercise session better. [3]

Relax from time to time

Must give the muscles enough time to relax, training is through lifting weights leads to small tears in the muscle, and the person needs to take a break for Ttrah between twenty-four to forty-eight hours between workouts. [2]


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