How do I register Balask

How do I register Balask


  • 1 Create Lask Account
  • 2 Use ischial
  • 3 ischial account is disabled
  • 4 References

Create Lask Account

Anyone can not under the age of thirteen years to be used ischial program, through the creation account, by following these steps: [1]

  • Jump Home page, through the following link:, or by downloading an application ischial from the Google Play or App Store.
  • Clicking on the sign (Sign up), to be going to the registration page.
  • All information entry required, such as: Choose a user name and password, and can be used for other networking sites accounts of social login, such as: Facebook (Facebook), and Alanstgram (Instagram), and Twitter (Twitter), so that the user needs to type the word traffic in time wants to log in to his account.

Use ischial

Through ischial program follow-up friends, and exchange of follow-up, and can follow someone without following the user, so that it is added to the friends list, and can find friends and people to follow on ischial by linking the ischial account Facebook account (Facebook), and Twitter (Twitter) and identify the people who know them the user, and can also search for any person using the name or e-mail. [2]

It also is asking questions to anyone on the ischial, even if it is not followed up, so by writing a question on the profile, and is not to show the person who introduced the question, so that it appears anonymously, and can be changed Ask anonymously button, to display the user name that he introduced the question. [2]

Disable the ischial account

Can ischial account is disabled by following these steps: [3]

  • Go to the ischial site using a computer, and Zlkmen through the following link:
  • The user logs on to his own account, through the introduction of the e-mail address, and password.
  • Clicking on Settings (Settings) in the upper-right corner after logging in.
  • Clicking on the account (Deactivate Account) disabled, a small gray button, located at the bottom of the settings page.
  • Enter your password, and then click on the account (Deactivate Account) is disabled.


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