How do I open the blocked sites

How do I open the blocked sites


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Blocking websites

The blocking websites (in English: Internet Censorship) is a specific destination to block a group of websites for users of the Internet so that they can not be accessed or visit. The process may be blocked by governments to protect children from certain sites or for various reasons may be political, as can be the blocking process within the scope of one house; So that parents using either a specific software (in English: Software) or adjust the hardware so that it is not blocking sites they deem appropriate for their children; Such as sites of pornography, or social networking sites, or otherwise. [1] [2]

Some companies block some sites for their employees; In order to increase their productivity by removing the means of distraction and entertainment; So that it can be limited to the use of staff of the Internet research sites, or different means of communication. Of the reasons for companies to block some sites for their employees is that some of the staff they may visit certain sites may annoy their colleagues at work. [3] Some countries resort to block a group of websites for its citizens for various reasons, and these reasons, what is political; Khjb sites that contain incompatible with the laws of the state, including what is social; Khjb gambling sites, drugs, and others. One of the reasons for States to block certain sites may be for security reasons; So there are some sites that contain ideas about wars or objections that you may see non-appropriate, in addition to that, some countries may block some Internet tools such as electronic, or chat programs, or any means the user has been able to avoid censorship imposed by the state . [4]

There are several countries, is known for the presence of a large number of websites blocked where, according to the organization "Reporters Without Borders" (English: Reporters Without Borders), the most Hid states of electronic and most stringent sites that are: China, Cuba, Myanmar, Iran, Egypt , Belarus, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and some countries of modern techniques used in the blocking process, China has the so-called "Great firewall" (English: Great firewall of China), which is a system to filter sites by doing continuous search for subversive websites across the Internet to be withheld, and the State of Myanmar uses strict procedures with Internet users; Such as placing controls on Internet cafes, and make computers where computers take a picture of the screen (in English: Screenshot) every few minutes. [4]

The means used to block sites

There are several ways you may have to resort who is responsible for blocking websites for users, including the following: [5] [6]

  • Packet filtering (in English: Packet Filtering): it is a way where the use of the firewall (in English: Firewall) to monitor all packets entering and leaving the network, and based on what may contain packets of words, are disconnected (the exchange of packets) between the sender and receiver .
  • Deep investigation packets (in English: Deep Packet Inspection): using some of these security agencies the means to eavesdrop on Internet users; Through an examination of the existing data in the packet to detect specific words contained; As an email address, or phone number, address or IP, and so on.
  • Blocking IP address of my (English: IP Blocking): This is the means of the simplest means of blocking websites; So that the party Almsawolh blocked IP address of my mail sites; However, this method will block any other sites share the same IP address (up like sites that use the shared hosting system for the server (in English: Shared hosting server)).
  • Domain Names (filtering system in English: DNS) and re-routing: are blocking the process of sites in this way by failing to address the DNS server for the website address; As this server is responsible for the translation of the written version of the website format to the title of IBM, usually equipped with the Internet companies provide these servers to their clients.
  • Intermediate attack (in English: Man-in-the-middle Attack): is basically a means used in penetration (in English: Hacking), and where an input device and an intermediary between the transmitter and receiver to pass all packets through this broker, and to turn redirects the packet to the required, both the sender and the receiver will think that the process of communication are properly, unaware of the existence of hand Taatsnt them, China has used this method in 2010 for filtering and blocking websites.
  • Cut communications made by Transport Control Protocol (English: TCP).
  • Filter Website Address: The survey on the web addresses that are visited to detect the presence of any words make a suspicious site.

How to open the blocked sites

There are several methods that can be used to open blocked websites, and certain better than others depending on the method used in the process of blocking the way to be. Ways to avoid blocking the following: [7] [5]

  • Use a virtual private network (English: VPN): When using a virtual private network to access the Internet, all packets exchanged between the sender and the receiver when you visit a website pass through this only the default network. Perhaps this is the best way to counter the blocking in cases address filtering website (in English: URL Filtering), and packet filtering (in English: Packet Filtering), and deep investigation packets (in English: Deep Packet Inspection), and attack mediator.
  • Use the Tor network (in English: Tor): The establishment of any contact with a particular site via the Tor network will be encrypted automatically, and prefer to use Tor in cases of blocking which is done by filtering the website address (in English: URL Filtering), and packet filtering (in English: Packet Filtering ), deep investigation of packets (in English: deep packet Inspection), and attack mediator.
  • Change the DNS server (in English: DNS Server): This is is the best way to counter the blocking that filters and DNS redirection.
  • Use agent (in English: Proxy): The server is similar to the proxy server in terms of its mechanism virtual private network, but it is not the same degree of confidence, and this is a good way is to avoid blocking based on blocking IP address of the website.
  • Create a channel by transport protocol Safe (English: SSH Tunnel): This is an advanced and somewhat complicated way, which is similar in terms of mechanism of its own virtual network, are passing all packets through the server user can access it using the safe transport protocol, so that the process Internet surfing it is done through this server.


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