How do I make the watercress oil at home

How do I make the watercress oil at home


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Oil Watercress

The importance of oil Watercress in high nutritional value provided to the scalp and hair that, thus contributing to strengthen and prevent hair loss and increased thickness significantly, can take advantage of the nutritional value of the maximum oil Watercress through manufacture at home and ensure purity, rather than buy it from shops without a guarantee of purity or validity.

Making Watercress Oil

To make the watercress oil we need some raw materials, as well as some of the tools and machines to facilitate the extraction:

Raw materials

  • Vibrio of watercress, being fresh and fresh-cut is required.
  • A small box of coconut oil rigid, taking care not to be the qualities of light or adulterated.


  • Electric food mixer.
  • Napkin white cloth washed well.
  • Water filter apertures between the narrow and medium.
  • A set of dishes and cups.
  • Chinese rendering.
  • Pot of aluminum.
  • Glass containers, keeping the watercress oil.


  • Vibrio watercress wash well in the water, several times until you get rid of the dust and dirt between the leaves, and leave the refinery until Taatsafy of water droplets, taking into account constantly stirred up does not change color or damage.
  • Parsley package on the carpeted tray presentation, so as to be spaced from each other, until all the leaves are dry from the water, with follow-up in the same way stirred sequential.
  • Watercress dry leaves are placed in a blender, add the coconut oil, then hit in a blender for several minutes until the paste body delicate and smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into a broad and deep dish.
  • Mixture is transferred to the packaging glass, taking into account the close tightly, and save them in a dark and cool closet, and avoid kept in the refrigerator so as not to damage, with continuous monitoring of oil Watercress can easily note its transformation from texture liquid to texture rigid, so like the color and texture than for obesity oil .
  • After taking a rigid texture of oil, leaves in a water bath until it melts, by filling the metal container with hot water, leaving the packaging glass containing watercress oil in the middle until the melt completely, and then re-packaging glass is stored in a cold dark until the Treasury freezes again.
  • Repeat the previous step once every day for three consecutive days.
  • On the fourth day after dissolving the oil in the water bath, proof handkerchief stuffed into a large deep pot, pour watercress oil on the napkin cotton, leaving oil until Atsafy completely, with impurities remain on the napkin cotton.
  • It preserves the fresh watercress oil in the packaging glass, leaving it in a dry place.


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