How do I make my son loves me

How do I make my son loves me


  • 1 fulfill the promises with the child
  • 2 increase the confidence of the child himself
  • 3 gifts for children
  • 4 Other tips to make the child loves his parents
  • 5 References

Fulfill the promises with the child

Of the most important things that you should pay attention to the parents need to ensure that the love of the child to them is not Akhalafan any of their promises with him, Valakhalav promises erase the trust between family members and erase the feelings of love, and if the inability to fulfill the promise must apologize to the child and talk to him very clearly and frankly about why even understands everything. [1]

Increase the child's self-confidence

The child increases his love for his parents when they feel that they do not Icoaman everything in his place, it increases self-confidence and self-respect, too, should not prevent parents from their children everything, but must let them try out and learn from these experiences. [1]

Giving gifts to children

Provide beautiful gifts for the baby Owalhloyat delicious loved can make him love his parents more, [2] It is worth mentioning that it must limit on days birthdays and other beautiful special events for children, because if the gifts are frequently exaggerated,'re less child estimate what it offers him, and in addition, it must accustom the child to say "Thank you" when you get any gift from anyone. [3]

Other tips to make the child loves his parents

There are a large number of possible ways to make the child loves his parents more durable, and the most important of these key points: [2]

  • Respect for the child, because when he feels that his parents Ihtermanh will increase his love for them and attachment to them.
  • Playing with the child and do funny things around him, Kids love to laugh and have fun.
  • Not to exaggerate the show passion of love with them, therefore adverse effects in the same child.
  • Patience with the child and not to rush anything.
  • Praise and praise the child when it improves behavior.
  • Provide unconditional love. [1]


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