How do I make my hair long and thick

How do I make my hair long and thick


  • 1 Hair Care
  • 2 Ways Hair extension and intensification
  • 3 natural materials used to nourish hair and lengthen and intensify
  • 4 References

hair care

Each lady distinct set of choices that apply to her body or her hair or her life, so be there are significant differences between the women do not resemble each other, and remains the subject of poetry is the topic most thought, Thou shalt love should appear in the most beautiful suit either cut it and cast it in one of the centers cosmetic, either Pttoelh and make it thick and soft as silk, you may go to the cosmetic centers to get it, but will pay large sums of money, or remain on the most appropriate option, which used a combination of natural recipes at home, it achieves it seeks to lengthen and intensify her hair, and it will not cause have any kind of negative effects on public health. [1]

Ways Hair extension and intensification

There are a range of ways that help to lengthen hair and intensify them: [2]

  • Eat a range of foods rich in protein and vitamins, and focus on the breakfast, which must contain eggs and milk, it nourishes the body as a whole, up nutrition to the hair follicles which increases their ability to grow, height and prevents bombed, and thus increasing the density of hair, and in the case of feeling that the food that is taken insufficient range of dietary supplements and vitamins can be taken after consulting a doctor.
  • Use massage method and combing three times a day, and is done Straighten hair and then massage the scalp with fingers circular movements quiet for a quarter of an hour each time, while combing are using a comb with a high and close teeth, and the process begins since waking up from sleep, and repeated twice later during the period day, it increases blood flow in the blood vessels for Bbesellat hair.
  • Cut Parties hair regularly with a time limit of each month, it strengthens the hair and increases the growth and thickness.
  • Treatment of skin diseases quickly, and not leave it for a long time so as not to increase the problem and shedding more hair, the most important health problems of the scalp alopecia disease, which handles drugs or natural recipes, which are the most important use of garlic.
  • The use of a range of natural materials to nourish hair and lengthen and intensify, and in this way show the result in a short record time, no more than a month.

Natural materials used to nourish hair and lengthen and intensify

Of these materials and methods include: [3]

  • Castor oil with sweet almond oil: where it is poured three tablespoons of castor oil in a small bowl, and then add the tablespoon of sweet almond oil and mixing the and Afrckan on the scalp for 30 minutes before showering, and these use the way a day to get a quick result, twice a week that were not Ms. need to lengthen hair and intensify rapidly.
  • Coconut oil with sesame oil: is mixed Mkdaran equal them and then rubbed on the scalp for an hour before bathing, and repeat this recipe twice a week.


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