How do I make my dog ​​fierce

How do I make my dog ​​fierce


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Dogs training

Breeding dogs are considered when some people are very important to carry out some of the tasks required of them, others see it as a hobby in the kennel. But the problem that is where the dogs are raised is the lack of sufficient experience to deal with dogs, causing difficulties with the dog or manner of implementation of the tasks required of it.

Some breeders tried ways to make more aggressive use of dogs and the courage to implement the tasks required of him hunting and guarding and discuss various other tasks. On the collectors ferocious dogs learn ways to make the dog more subject to the owner and not to rebel against him. Preferably all breeders to start training dogs fierce since childhood educator to be able to control him and teach him what he wants.

How to make a fierce Alkbak

Of dog training on ways of viciousness as follows: [1]

  • Make the dog more confident of himself: one of the things which make the dog more aggressive and violent is to be self-confident, and have it directed the dog to watch people, see friends and deal with them, but be careful not to touch him one or Mlaabth or feed him, Valmswol for all this is only the breeder. It is this training makes the dog accustomed to humans or knows someone close to him only jam only, and here comes the door of the fulfillment of the dog breeders, which starts growing, little by little.
  • Enhance the status of the breeder to be the leader always: the dog is very obedient animals, but anyone who knows to deal with it. It is not good to make the dog is to take decisions, and must for breeders to be the owner of the decision. For example, when the dog sitting ordered him to sit in the place that sets him without sympathy. It is not recommended to use the beating at all in the case of non-response, and only repetitive and impose a personal breeder it.
  • Provoke the dog: This is one of the first ways to reveal the ferocity of the dog and strengthened, and be making a person from friends or strangers harassing the dog by shouting it or try to beat him, and here must dog launch his ferociousness pent-up, and carried out to strengthen personal dog and make it more aggressive. It is best to diversify the people of this training, it strengthens the dog dramatically, it may be in this case may cut more than 70% to be more aggressive and powerful.
  • Find out the time of fondling the dog: This method is very important in deciding fondling the dog that makes him more aggressive; For example, when a breeder finds a dog barking on who bothers him must do Bmdaabth and say to him that a dog is good with a smile in his face, a way to increase confidence when the dog and strengthen the relationship between the breeder and him, will jam notes the difference every time you repeat this stimulus, as the dog ONES people on the owner when it bothers him one of the severity of the attachment to jam.
  • Representation on the dog: the breeder may find in the dog some weakness and fear, they should be represented on the dog with the help of a friend of provoking the dog who is afraid and who did not bark, who shall friend pretending to fear and escape from the dog, and is repeated this several times training even gain the dog self-confidence and courage .
  • Provide rewards for the dog: there are things the dog out very useful; As if on a barking at night or on the disturbed and disturb the breeder, it should not be satisfied with the breeder Balmlaabh and speech catalytic; They must be given a gift, a lunch meal to him, making the dog preparing to what he is doing is right, and increases the dog's determination to work in this way, it becomes more obedient to the breeders.

Tips on Dog Breeding

The educator create a language of mutual dialogue between him and his dog serve as the language is not understood, but both of them, and this language is made up with the practice, training and interaction between the dog and its owner. This sets the language of food and the time of the attack and to prepare and calm. The breeder puts a particular word is chosen to be the attack as a word that gives motivation to the dog to the start of the attack, and puts a stop at the word alone can not overcome the dog no matter what happens. On the breeder to maintain the high collar dog, diversifying exercises and sports offered to a dog, and jumped from walking and jogging and rolling hoops and other important exercises that activate the work of all the muscles. [1]

Types of vicious dogs

Dogs fierce several different types of specially selected for police operations and fishing operations and security, and these types: [2]

  • Dogs Albitbool: according to the World Organization CDC considers this dog of the fiercest types of dogs, and despite its small size, but it is full of muscle and flexibility, and takes advantage of its small size to be fast when needed.
  • German Shepherd: a police dog is very dangerous, but in the owner. This dog has a lot of features that make it the best police dog, including a strong sense of smell, speed and agility, as well as intelligence, and the ability to learn.
  • Alhski Siberian: a dog close to temperament wolves, and has the power enormous biting may lead to the killing of a human being.
  • Alaskan Malamute: They are very intelligent animals, possess high activity physical strength.
  • St. Bernard: It is a huge size dogs, and nervous mood, with a wide and full decoding powerful and lethal teeth.
  • Dogs Chow Chow: They are dogs some may think it is a nice shape of the outside, but if you get angry or treated in a bad way, they precipitate and become a bad mood, have been hurt around, especially if it is approaching her children.


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