How do I lose ten kilograms of weight

How do I lose ten kilograms of weight


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Increases human weight because of the many factors that affect the operations of burning calories, storage and water storage in the body, the most important of these factors are genetics, followed by poor organization of food and health habits, in addition to the incidence of certain diseases or taking certain medications cause an increase in weight.

The side effects of weight gain ranging from the impact on the general appearance of the body and even the incidence of chronic diseases Kkhconh arthritis and cardiovascular disease, so weight loss is absolutely essential with the importance of not losing quickly to protect the muscles and bones of weakness.

How to lose ten kilograms of weight


  • This diet is characterized by its ability to lose ten pounds of weight in a short period of no more than a month, and requires only stop eating sweets and fast foods that contain fat and salt in large quantities, drinking large amounts of water.
  • Breakfast in this system consists of a glass of milk or juice, fresh orange, in addition to brown bread, whether a special toast Balrgim or corn flour bread, a piece of low-fat cheese with two tablespoons of brick.
  • Lunch is a large platter of fresh power without adding any fat or oil, and a piece of white meat free of fat, with a dish of vegetables sauteed, can eat a small dish of rice or bread as breakfast.
  • You can eat another meal in the middle of the day before dinner several hours to be the fruit of a fruit, and dinner shall be a dish green salad or yogurt salad.


  • Former diet reduces the calories obtained by the body, making it burn calories stored, and for that speed up without injury to muscle weakness should exercise certain types of exercise that strengthens the muscles and burn fat, the most important of those sports daily walk, and can be exercised in the street or club or even home, and can start with simple steps and then accelerated and continued for about half an hour.
  • Exercise bike helps to melt the fat from a special body abdomen and buttocks areas, and contribute to the strengthening of the muscles of the legs, and can be exercised at the club or at home by lying on the back and lifted one of the knees chest hand then lowered alternately with the other side, as in driving the bike.
  • Neck exercises are important in increasing the flexibility and stimulate the muscles of the neck, preferably performing those exercises before the rest of the other exercises to be useful in accelerating the blood supply to the brain, thereby reducing the feeling of fatigue associated with muscular effort.


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