How do I look younger naturally

How do I look younger naturally


  • 1 youth period
  • 2 ways of appearing to enact smaller 2.1 basics of make-up 2.2 How to wear clothes
  • 2.1 basics of make-up
  • 2.2 How to wear clothes
  • 3 General Tips for the emergence of the age of the youngest
  • Video 4 ways to look younger

Young period

It is a young period of most recovery periods, and beautiful, and the vitality of the human life, where a person during which at the height of his health and well-being, and is trying to use all of his time, including informing him, but the man is exposed to a number of factors affecting its external appearance, it seems much older, it must be noted that many women seeking to preserve their beauty in different periods of age to appear younger, and in this article Snarafkm several steps where I look younger.

Methods of appearing to enact smaller

Basics of make-up

  • Learn the basics of putting the right make-up for the age, as it is with the progress of age seems to Mabeltan eyes, so it is advisable to stay away from the eyes shading powder and use of shadows oily textures, and avoid the use Almascar oblique to purple, pink, and replace it in black, red, and blond.
  • Attention to clean the eyebrows and they look like, and by the use of dark eyebrows is to fill in the blanks.
  • Use Aaqs eyelashes to look prettier, longer, and give the eyes more capacity.
  • Based on the degree of use of the same skin color or darker cream one degree or lighter degree.
  • Attention purely skin and protect it from defects.
  • Stay away from the use of cream-based powder, because it causes drier, and gather between the folds of the skin, and replacing it with cream-based liquid.
  • Use of lipstick lighter than the color of the lips, preferably polished put on the lower lip to look more full.

How to wear clothes

  • Stay away from tight clothes, because they increase the age, Ms. seems older.
  • Rely on bright colors that give greater brighter, and stay away from dark colors especially black on occasions such as color.
  • Wear short scarves, colorful fashionable colors.
  • Wear short dresses and high-heeled shoes, tote bag in hand.
  • Stay away from wearing trousers Albermda if the woman was fat, because it makes them look fatter, and shorter.
  • Choose accessory swapping, small size, and avoid a lot of them.

General tips for the emergence of the age of the youngest

  • Stop smoking, because it is considered harmful to health, and accelerates the emergence of signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, freckles, and sagging skin.
  • A lot of drinking water every day, which is equivalent to eight cups at least, because they play a key role in the freshness of the skin, moisturizing body and rid it of toxins.
  • Commitment to a healthy and balanced diet, and a lot of fruits and vegetables and stay away from eating unhealthy meals, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and avoid eating foods in the late hours of the night.
  • Commitment to exercise every day aerobic exercise, such as walking for half an hour at least every day.
  • Continue to moisten the skin, take care of it, and stay away from the use of creams manufactured chemicals, because they damage the skin and affect them.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun's harmful rays, they lead to dry skin.
  • Take a break enough sleep.

Video ways to look younger


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