How do I know that my skin greasy

How do I know that my skin greasy


  • 1 oily skin characteristics
  • 2 fatty skin care 2.1 skin moisturizing 2.2 pay attention to hygiene 2.3 Use reliable products
  • 2.1 skin moisturizing
  • 2.2 pay attention to hygiene
  • 2.3 Use reliable products
  • 3 References

Skin characteristics of fatty

A set of indicators and signs, through which it can distinguish whether oily skin or not, and these indicators: [1]

  • Expansion of the pores in the face.
  • When you touch the face, will be greasy feeling that the presence of fats and oils it.
  • Note that the skin shine clearly.
  • As a result of the fact that oily skin, you will be more susceptible to grain dark circles.
  • Oily skin is able to absorb make-up faster and in a few hours. [2]

Oily Skin Care

Skin moisturizing

You must always maintain the oily skin moist, so that the humidifier user is not greasy, and more types of refreshments that are recommended for use for moisturizing oily skin, that contains a substance called "alpha-hydroxy acids" for being very effective in resisting age, should avoid the use of refreshments containing oils or fats, especially mineral oils, [3] it is more disadvantage of this type of skin is the appearance of pimples, or what is known as acne and have a lot, so you should avoid soft drinks and creams containing oils and fats because they help in the formation and spread on the skin. [4 ]

Pay attention to hygiene

Fatty skin owners should pay attention to cleanliness in a large and regular, so it must be cleaned at least twice daily mouthwash appropriately, it helps to avoid and prevent clogging of the pores on the facial skin. [3]

The use of reliable products

We must use reliable products such as sunscreen and others, and also be careful to be free of oils and fats, preferably gel form, and it must ensure that preparations are cosmetic and medical that are used for face from a reliable source; Because if they were not will result in great damage to the face and skin. [3]


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