How do I know that I am diabetic

How do I know that I am diabetic


  • 1 Diabetes
  • 2 types of diabetes 2.1 Type I 2.2 Type II 2.3 Type III or gestational diabetes
  • 2.1 Type I
  • 2.2 Type II
  • 2.3 Type III or gestational diabetes
  • 3 How to make sure diabetes
  • 4 Video screening for diabetes


Is on top of the list of chronic diseases spread all over the world, and affects the disease small and large, children and elderly men and women and does not differentiate between one, a disease known since ancient times has been known Pharaonic civilization, known also the Arab civilization and Islamic, and many doctors Arab veterans spoke about the person Muslim world Ibn Sina was the year 1000 AD by the study and diagnosis of Paul patient with diabetes, which is considered one of the diseases that can be controlled with diet and medication, known as diabetes as a disorder of abnormal and chronic, which causes disruption of the body's ability to produce and use energy generated by food sources, for lack of the hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas gland, and this hormone is responsible for increasing the ability of cells in the body to absorb glucose, for energy production, and this causes a sharp rise in blood glucose concentration.

Types of diabetes

Type I

It is called autoimmune and produce due to attack the immune cells of a beta in the body, which is responsible for the production and composition of the cells of insulin in the pancreas, and is then immune system to destroy these cells and the resulting lack of insulin in the blood, and here it becomes necessary to receive insulin from the source such as an external injection of insulin to make up the shortfall, and it is a lifetime, scientists did not know why attacking the body's immune to these cells, this type of diabetes affects all ages, including children since birth.

  • Immune system disorder.
  • Heredity factor.
  • The environmental factor.
  • Type of viruses.


  • Symptoms of this type appear within a short period of time and successively.
  • Feeling very thirsty.
  • Feeling the need to urinate and frequency on the bathroom.
  • Continuous and severe hunger.
  • Blurred vision in the process.
  • A gradual decrease in weight.
  • Fatigue and fatigue in the body.
  • Slow healing of wounds.

Type II

This is called the type of insulin resistance, and is most prevalent among people and by an estimated 90% of patients with diabetes, which results in a relative deficiency of insulin is not commensurate with the amount of carbohydrates within the body, causing disruption in the work of the cells, thereby increasing the proportion of sugar in the blood, which affects adults typically, it used diet pills and to deal with this type of diabetes.

  • Age and old age.
  • Excess obesity that affects the body.
  • Genetic factor in the family, whether the father or the mother's side.
  • Physical inactivity, which affects the person by the lack of movement.


  • The symptoms of this type begin to appear gradually in a simple and large time differences.
  • Nausea and extreme fatigue.
  • Thirst dramatically and it is abnormal.
  • Frequent urination process and enter the bathroom.
  • Dry lips.
  • Decline is very slow in weight.
  • Visibility is blurred, especially when reading.
  • Infections and infections of the skin, gums, vagina and bladder.

Type III or gestational diabetes

Diabetes affects a woman during pregnancy only affects women who are their assets from Africa and South America, also affects women with a family history of diabetes, and cured by women after childbirth, the same symptoms and symptoms of diabetes type II and the first.

How to make sure diabetes

The person knows he suffers from diabetes if it showed the symptoms listed above, or some of them, so that the measurement of blood sugar before breakfast on an empty stomach If it has sugar between 70 and 120 is a sound, God willing, and does he has diabetes, but if the sugar in more blood than 130 When it must follow up with a specialist to monitor the sugar and make sure there is disease or not.

Video screening for diabetes

For more information, we advise you to watch a video in which you talk Dr. Rowan Veil Pharm.D for tests to be performed to detect diabetes.


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