How do I know I Nhvt without balance

How do I know I Nhvt without balance


  • 1 determine body measurements
  • Note 2 Changes in body sizes
  • 3 Comments Friends
  • 4 keep track of body fat percentage
  • 5 References

Identify body measurements

The body to measure how much can determine the measurements of weight loss without the use of the balance, and this is by taking some areas of measurements in the body, such as: abdominal area, and around the navel, the upper parts of the arms, hips, or thighs, waist using tape measure Old fashioned. [1 ]

Put tape directly on the skin while maintaining the tape level when taking measurements, taking into account the lack of tape pulling strongly, lack Arkhaih, and prefers not to wear big clothes when you take them; To avoid getting the wrong measurements, taken once a month; Because changes during a day, or two weeks will not be clear. [1]

Note the changes in the body sizes

Can note any changes to the body weight through observation made in the size of clothing variation, although the inability to note changes actual body size, but it can note the possibility of wearing clothes more easily and comfortably, especially for those who wear tight clothes. [2 ]

Comments Friends

The person may not notice the change on himself because he sees the same day; Comments therefore help colleagues, or friends who have passed long time to meet them in determining if the weight loss or not, where they can note the occurrence of any changes more clearly than people who are frequently the interviewees. [1]

Keep track of body fat percentage

Helps to know your body fat percentage to determine a loss in body weight or not without the need for balance, it also offers a better idea about the amount of fat that needs any individual loss, knowing that the balance may keep the number provided especially if the fat loss, muscle gain . [3]

Taking into account read her every week, or two weeks instead of every day; For the maximum benefit of measuring body fat percentage, allowing a specific person who has considerable experience in the measurement of fat in the body to take a reading permanently; Because changing coaches, or people will change the methods of measurement. [3]

The method of skinfold calipers of ways that can measure body fat percentage of which, which measures the thickness of fat beneath the skin, and the measurements are taken either in three or seven different sites of the body, and these sites are different for women and men; Where it is taken to measure the abdominal area, or thigh bone and hip, body and higher in women when taken it measurements from three locations, but in case Okhaddha from seven sites added to the chest, near the armpit area, and the bottom of the shoulders, while for men are taking the measurement area chest, abdomen, and thigh in the event of the use of three sites, but in case the use of seven sites added to near the armpit areas, and the bottom of the shoulders. [4]


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