How do I get rid of lose belly fat

How do I get rid of lose belly fat


  • 1 Increase physical activity
  • 2 stay away from sugars
  • 3 Eat more protein
  • 4 References

Increase physical activity

Increasing the level of physical activity would enhance the burning of calories, can increase the activity level by walking to spend needs instead of using the car, as the people who work desk for long hours to devote breaks regularly, and suggest research on the other hand, that the practice of exercise contributes to the disposal of grease abdominal muscle strengthening, [1] including: pelvic floor exercises of lying on the back with your knees bent up, tightening the abdominal muscles with bending the pelvis slightly and maintain the position for five to ten seconds, it can also lie down on the back and bend knees toward the chest with arms left aside, pulling the lower area of ​​the abdomen with an attempt to lift the buttocks off the ground for the same period. [2]

Stay away from sugars

When you eat more of added sugar, the liver takes Alfrckmah energy necessary for him and forced to convert remaining to fat, and many studies have shown that an increase in sugar lead to increased accumulation of fat in the abdomen and liver, and sugar here includes sugar in food or juice sweetened or carbonated sugary drinks and others, in contrast, fruits contain many of the dietary fiber that reduce the negative effects of fructose, as well as containing the amount of fructose small compared to other specialties sweetened. [3]

Eat more protein

One study indicated that the relationship between the quantity and quality of the protein that is being dealt with and lose belly fat is an inverse relationship, ie that people who eat protein good quantities they enjoyed fats lower, Another study showed that eating protein is sufficient for a period of five years amounts reduces the risk of acquiring abdominal fat by high, and foods rich in protein: eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, and meat and dairy products. [3]


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