How do I get rid of fat in the body

How do I get rid of fat in the body

Accumulation of fat

Accumulation of fat in the body causes problems if it occurs, as the psychological impact if Note slouch places start-specific, and are mostly the abdomen and buttocks areas, and with time evolve it to the inability to make the effort and the tendency to laziness in general, fatigue and fatigue ongoing.

That situation leads to serious health problems in the future may lead to death, as the increased proportion of fat in the body leads to a narrow and clogged arteries, leading to exposure to stroke attack and stroke, it also increases the chances of developing tumors, as well as bone diseases and joints.

The reasons for the accumulation of fat

The importance of knowing those causes to be observed and avoided in the future, as the fat accumulation process that requires a long time and years of food and living patterns of wrong, the most important of these reasons:

  • Eat meals before bedtime, as burning calories does not sleep in that case.
  • Eat rich fast foods in salt and saturated fats, which lead to fluid retention in the body in addition to the lack of ability of the liver to break up the fat, and the concomitant retention in the fluid not feeling thirsty, leading to reduce drinking water, which prevents internal organs from carrying out vital functions.

How to get rid of fat

  • Reduce calories obtained by the body daily is the broad heading to that end, and this can be achieved through various means of the most important to reduce the amount of meals eaten daily, allowing the body to burn calories quickly and work to get rid of stored fat, preferably divide the meals into five meals be small, most recently before going to sleep at least two hours.
  • Dependence on drinking water and eating authorities before each meal to increase the feeling of fullness, where eating salad before the meal a quarter of an hour, while drinking large glass of water every hour.
  • Leaving white bread and the trend to eat whole grains such as barley, oats and manufactured products of them, and be eating bread once in the morning only.
  • Exercise sports are indispensable for anyone who wants to get rid of the fat accumulated in the body, and whatever the circumstances or fitness degree, the sport can exercise, as walking exercises daily for half an hour enough too to burn a large amount of calories and restore the body to balance and activity, preferably up the stairs more than once a day to work on getting rid of fat accumulated in the abdomen and buttocks areas.
  • The disposal of fat in the body takes time and requires effort and patience, so it is very important to ensure the completion of the diet and exercise sports in order to reach the proper weight without loss of muscle mass of the body.


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