How do I get rid of AutoRun virus

How do I get rid of AutoRun virus


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AutoRun virus

AutoRun virus: is the virus copies itself on the flash flash drive or any external disk, affects the computer user when this device opens or memory on the device, and the back of this virus with the spread of the use of flash drives and memory cards, and other external storage routes, and has the same the effect of the previous virus, Kaltjss on your device, and the destruction of stored data, and other negative effects on the device.

How AutoRun virus

The copy of the virus itself on the flash (or any tablet enters the user on his computer), and registers itself in the autorun.inf file, a file that resides in the root of the disk to tell any Windows software that must be opened automatically when you open the disk, and this invisible file.

Found property Alautwrn (autoplay) for CD-ROM feature to run the legitimate automatically when placed in the device, or when you have access to, but when the emergence of new technologies, Flash, and external USB \ SATA, developers of Windows has updated this feature of these techniques, and then it was easy convert this property to malicious programs, and ease of use of modern storage tools, led to ease the spread of the virus among different devices, Quite simply it is possible that someone with this virus device simply flash mode in which to transfer files infected had been transferred from a device in a laboratory his alma mater, or one of your friends.

Protection from AutoRun virus

The antivirus may help protect him but some types of this virus, it is possible that the antivirus program crashes, so the best way to protect is to disable this feature in Windows.

How to disable the service:

  • Windows + R key
  • Type in the box gpedit.msc then ok.
  • You will see group policy editor.
  • Select the administrative template under the list of computer configuration.
  • Then select the system from the left menu.
  • In the left pane search for turn off autoplay, and Baldatt them.

Get rid of AutoRun virus

  • من ( windows >Run >cmd >ok ).
  • Type (cd) and then press enter to get to C) disk (.
  • Type (attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf) and then press enter, if any file we turn to the next step.
  • Type (del autorun.inf) to delete the file and then press enter.
  • Then type d mark (:) and then enter to the search for the virus in disk d, and Ngad previous steps to delete the virus, and re-ball with disk e.
  • Restart the device, you will notice the demise of the virus has been repaired spoiled.


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