How do I get fresh and bright skin

How do I get fresh and bright skin


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  • 2 basic steps daily skin
  • 3 blends of sunshine and freshness of the skin
  • 4 Some useful foods for the freshness of the skin
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Skin health

Every female in this world is seeking to keep Al her skin supple, soft and bright, beautiful Valepeshrh is the secret of street View attractive, so on every female Bbchertha care, in fits with the skin sheet, Valepeshrh need a set of daily practices to protect them, and also need to have a range of natural freshness recipes and splendor, it is best for you, O the female attention to your skin from the softness of your nails, the more attention was early, the more keep your skin supple and bright and without wrinkles for longer. [1]

Basic steps daily for the skin

A set of steps that must every female do on a daily basis to keep her skin fresh and bright, namely: [2]

  • You careful packing your face remainders sun fits your skin in the summer and winter, before going out of the house, preferably use protective sun protection factors over fifty.
  • Beware of sleep make-up and covers your skin; Because of the make-up hinders the process of breathing and thus your skin wrinkle your skin and quenched luster, Valepeshrh in the night hours are breathing and cell renewal.
  • You'd better remove make-up water instead of just chemicals, and you clean up after your skin from the face make-up use lotion suitable to them.
  • Wash your face in the morning cold or lukewarm water, and avoid hot water, and you should use lye in the morning, so do not deprive your skin of the material created by night these materials useful in the regeneration of your skin.
  • Make sure to drink water, give skin waters moisten the skin and prevent dryness, and maintains its glory and luster.
  • Your skin moist natural and medical refreshment.

Mixtures of sunshine and freshness of the skin

There are some simple and natural blends that help you get a fresh skin and bright, including: [3]

  • Tea Tree Oil: Oil is characterized by tea tree as containing anti-bacterial and fungal substances, so described by many doctors to get rid of skin problems such as acne, tea tree oil is very useful oils for skin freshness and splendor.
  • Lemon: because it contains citric acid active ingredient in the fight against bacteria that cause acne.
  • Ice: When the snow put on place flush around the love, will shrink blood vessels, and thus hide his irritation.
  • Cucumber and honey: when half of mashed cucumber with a spoonful of honey, this mixture helps the skin's elasticity, and the renewal of skin cells.
  • Honey and egg whites: Mix a tablespoon of honey with egg whites, well, and the mixture is placed on the face to dry well, wash the face well with soap and water.
  • Milk: It can be used in two modes, either as a mask or wash his face on a daily basis.

Some useful foods for the freshness of the skin

There are several useful foods for the skin, including oily fish, apple, red Alvljevh, beets, bananas, spinach, lemon, avocado, orange, coconut water, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, garlic, strawberries, these foods restore skin freshness of within the body to outside. [4]


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