How do I feel happy

How do I feel happy


  • 1 enjoy the small things
  • 2 self-esteem
  • 3 Avoid unhealthy foods
  • 4 adequate sleep
  • 5 spending time with friends and family
  • 6 References

Enjoy the small things

Estimate the small things and enjoy the important things that help to increase the level of happiness of the individual and make him feel comfortable and can be done through: [1]

  • Enter the nice things to everyday life.
  • Try to wait in the new positive experiences and deepen them.
  • The estimate is owned by the individual at the present time that, and can be done by placing a picture of the family, for example, a work desk or a paper written by the favorite quote, so as to remind the person's objectives.
  • Meditation in the form of a beautiful natural scenery, this method helps to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, it is worth mentioning that care must be taken to change the image periodically, so that the person does not get tired of them.

Note: Most of the good opportunities in life are accompanied by little fanfare unexpectedly, to get the best results and get happiness attention should be given all these opportunities and exploit even if they are small.


For happiness must be self-esteem and remind them of anything has been done, and focus on the good qualities, and appreciation of the achievements and personal business whether it is a big job start a project, or achievement of a small task, or phone Kmkalmh talk explicitly with someone ended well, all of that It attracts attention to the strengths and increases self-esteem, which helps to boost morale. [1]

Avoid unhealthy foods

Avoid unhealthy foods, particularly fast food increases happiness rates, it has one of the studies published in the site (SAGE) indicated that there is a link between the frequent handling of restaurant meals fast, and the inability to feel good and positive experiences in life, and with it the consumption of fast food to save time, they reduce the status of the individual patient. [2]

enough sleep

According to a report published by the American Psychiatric Association, many suffering from "sleep debt", this means not getting enough sleep for long periods, Depriving breath of sleep is linked to fluctuations in mood and this affects the relations and feelings of happiness, the American Psychiatric Association suggests, compensation for sleep period that is not obtained, get through (60-90) extra minutes of sleep, it is worth mentioning that when a person is happy, it gets a good sleep and has difficulty sleeping. [2]

Spending time with friends and family

Many researches have proved that there is a great benefit to spend time with friends and family members, this makes a person more happiness, social Time is of things very valuable even for people introverts. [3]


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