How do I download Windows XP

How do I download Windows XP


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How do I download Windows XP

You can download Windows XP by following these steps: [1]

  • Taking a backup copy of any information that may exist on the hard drive C.
  • The introduction of a CD-ROM containing Windows XP in a hard drive and make your computer takes off through the CD so I pressed for Trivr Zraly when the keyboard message: Press any key to boot from CD appear.
  • Pressing the Enter button to enter the screen and the Windows XP system and wait while downloading the necessary files to download Windows, and then again pressing the Enter key.
  • Approval of the Convention on the use and licensing for Baloyndoz by pressing the F8 key.
  • Pressing the Escape ESC button to download a new version of Windows XP.
  • Delete the contents of the hard drive that Ixtoa old copy of Windows on the device.
  • Confirm the deletion of the hard disk, by pressing the Enter button, and then pressing the button letter L.
  • Hard disk partition again by pressing the button the letter C, and then select the new disk space to be created, and then do press the Enter button.
  • Choose the disk required to download Windows XP on it, and then choose the desired type formic hard disk, preferably choose formate by NTFS.
  • When you start the process of downloading Windows must enter some information system such as language and the region and the user name and password, history and other system information.
  • By waiting until the completion of the installation process of Windows and then approve the proposed settings to adjust the screen, and then choose how to connect to the Internet and choose a primary user of the device, the installation process for Windows XP has been completed.

Windows XP audit

Windows XP has a number of features, and the most important of these features include: [2]

  • Convenient interface for the user: where Windows XP provides users to feel comfortable and welcome when you use it, contains Windows XP on an old traditional interface may turn some users to use in the event of a problem with a computer device.
  • Easy to take backups: has become the subject of taking a copy Ahtaaath in Windows XP is easier compared to predecessor versions.
  • Ability to copy information on CD-ROM: You can copy any data to a CD-ROM without the need for a specialized program to copy CDs.

Definition of Windows

Windows is defined as an operating system for computers computers were invented by Microsoft Corporation in 1983, has reached the number Asdarat Microsoft Windows operating system to this day 10 versions of Windows 10 was most recently. [3]


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