How do I dissolve frozen chicken

How do I dissolve frozen chicken


  • 1 thaw frozen chicken
  • 2 ways to correct defrost frozen chicken 2.1 thaw frozen chicken in the refrigerator 2.2 thaw frozen chicken in cold water 2.3 dissolving the chicken in the microwave
  • 2.1 thaw frozen chicken in the refrigerator
  • 2.2 thaw frozen chicken in cold water
  • 2.3 dissolving the chicken in the microwave
  • 3 wrong ways in dissolving chicken

Thaw frozen chicken

Several ways to spread to melt frozen chicken among housewives, are all effective in the thawed chicken to be able to cook natural his state, but some of these are correct and healthy ways to melt the chicken, and maintain its usefulness and nutritional value as it is before the freeze, while others are Fajatih and sound, may cause corruption of chicken or eliminate the nutritional value and the interest rate offered by the body which, the following clarification of her:

Correct ways to thaw frozen chicken

These are the three ways in which sound heads are advised to homes and mothers to follow them when dissolving the chicken, to provide chicken for the family and children's full nutritional value.

Thaw frozen chicken in the refrigerator

Despite the low refrigerator temperature, it remains higher than the freezer frozen food temperature, can take advantage of the difference in temperature between them to thaw frozen chicken, through the frozen chicken output from the freezer, and place it in a large or tray large bowl, to avoid dirty refrigerator with water falling from him during the melt, and leave it in the fridge from 20 to 24 hours until completely dissolved, you need this way in a long time but it is an effective one of the best ways to defrost chicken.

Thaw frozen chicken in cold water

In a large deep bowl placed frozen chicken, and add the chilled water in the refrigerator with ice cubes, leaving 40 to 45 minutes until it melts, then filtered water and add the cold water new cubes of new snow, and leave for the same period and then change again, and so even chicken melts, you need this method to several hours until the chicken melts, so prefer to start their implementation since the morning, to be chicken ready for cooking when approaching lunchtime.

Dissolving the chicken in the microwave

This method is characterized by fast high in dissolving the chicken for the previous two methods, it is also very useful when the sudden arrival of guests at the time of lunch or dinner, where he comes out chicken from the freezer with removal of the envelope bag it, and put them immediately in the microwave on medium heat, and leaving it up to melt fully, with the need to stop immediately melt, to prevent the heat of cooking microwave.

Wrong ways of dissolving chicken

This may be quick ways of dissolving the chicken, but they lose a chicken worth of food so I would prefer to avoid them:

  • Dissolving the chicken in hot water: lead the way to this sudden and rapid conversion in chicken heat from cold to hot, which reduces the nutritional value, and leads to sometimes boiled.
  • Dissolving the chicken room temperature: This method may lead to corruption, especially the chicken in the hot summer days.


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