How do I delete the YouTube record

How do I delete the YouTube record


Lets YouTube (YouTube site) to its users the opportunity to watch millions of videos (songs, religious clips, clips, news) and many other videos, in addition to your ability to raise videos, and comment and reply to comments and admiration also channels mimic your interest or your own desires you.

Gives YouTube the opportunity to create a favorite list run Balvedyohat you want to repeat the view after registering (Create Creat account account) on YouTube or logged in as a user on Gmail to return it when you want to see again, a site review for you on the right of the phrase screen options that suit your desires (Home Home and draped them (channels, subscriptions and viewing history (the subject of today), watching later, and playlists) and browse subscriptions, and manage subscriptions.

How do I delete the YouTube record

We chose you, dear reader, the subject matter may be the majority of the users of YouTube, Khzv watch history, with ease through the gradient of the steps listed below:

  • Access to YouTube.
  • Sign in to your personal account on YouTube (Log in) site.
  • It appears on the right of the screen (for users of the Arabic language) a list of options which are located including record viewing and actor in (Hourglass).
  • Choose the third option from the Home Options (viewing) record.
  • Move your browser to another page which (log viewing History), where review all the videos you have seen previously with two options granted in Bakaimtk control.
  • You now have two options (erase the record in full display Clear all watch history) and (turn off the display record temporarily Pause watchhistory)
  • You can delete the full record by choosing erase record the entire display.
  • To delete one or more video signal, press the X next to each video you want to delete, after pressing the video show place (removed the item from the record).
  • When you are in one of these steps complete deletion or delete your chosen videos have the operation successfully.

Dear user, perhaps you may inspire to your mind a question about the Stop option record display temporarily on the job, we let you know that if you choose this option, it will be turned off to save the video record for a certain period and then re-save again, and you can save the videos you want to see repeated frequently in your personal YouTube which makes it easy to return to it when you need it.

You can hide the drop-down menu on the right of your screen on YouTube by clicking on the signal (three lines) red, where displays after hiding them on the screen some of the suggested videos to watch some channels that are not shared by them and to subscribe Allstmtaa Balvedyohat more.


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