How do I delete my account in Alanstaqram

How do I delete my account in Alanstaqram


  • 1 way to delete Anstaqram account
  • 2 way Anstaqram account is disabled temporarily
  • 3 restore the password for the account Anstaqram
  • 4 References

How to delete Anstaqram account

Before you start any of the procedures to delete Anstaqram account is worth noting that this process can not be applied through the application of Anstaqram, but can be applied only through the access to the site Anstaqram via a web browser on your computer or mobile device, then follow the points of the following: [ 1]

  • Sign in to your account Anstaqram, then move to the next page, delete your link: (
  • A list of Anstaqram conditions of service shown on the page by deleting Anstaqram account, as well as to see the list of reasons for deleting Anstaqram account and determine why the user to delete his account taking.
  • Print account password Anstaqram to be deleted in the designated box.
  • Clicking the Cancel button to activate my account permanently appears in red.
  • See the message phenomenon in front of the user, which asks the user about his desire to complete the deletion, and clicking on the OK button in the case make sure the user wants to delete his account permanently.
  • The completion of the previous steps the user will receive a message confirming his completion of the process of deleting his account permanently.

Way Anstaqram account temporarily disabled

Some may wish to get rid of their own accounts on Anstaqram with their reluctance about they make the final decision, was able to Anstaqram site of the solution to this problem by providing a temporary account, which allows users to reveal the truth of their desire to delete Nhaia account or not disable the service, through follow the following points: [2]

  • Log in on your Anstaqram account.
  • Clicking on the profile the user's button, and then clicking on the button Taatadel profile.
  • Clicking on the button to temporarily disable my account, and confirm this process by printing the password for the account in the dedicated vacuum.

Restore the password for the account Anstaqram

In the absence of a user's ability to remember the password for his account on Alanstaqram you can restore the password by following the following steps: [3]

  • Open the application Anstaqram and then clicking on the button to get help log in the lower side of the logon gateway.
  • If you use an Android device user must choose one of the three available options in front of him to recover the password, the use of user name or e-mail, or get a short message, or log on Facebook, and then follow the on-screen Alnodahat.
  • If you use an iOS device will have Aaly the user to choose one of the options in front of available to restore Kalemie traffic, namely the use of the name of the user, mobile phone number, and then clicking on the button send login link.


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