How do I delete a final account ischial

How do I delete a final account ischial


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Is a social networking sites distinctive, received the site echo interest great in recent times and received many impressive people, especially adolescents, who shall the principle site ischial on the question of people who own account anonymous format, and up question to the owner of the account without the name and the answer it, the question unknown format feature that made ischial site famous and widespread.

It may by ischial site to ask questions that have long been wandering in your mind, and get a response in an elegant style does not disturb any of the parties, and the location ischial es also there became accounts for celebrities, social and religious figures provide advice and advice to people, and you answer some embarrassing questions that are not strong enough to asked directly.

Use ischial site

You can open the social networking site ischial through the Internet address, and if you are the owner of an account in this site you can download directly from the site through the online store on your mobile phone and electronic devices and start using it.

You can create a new account through your e-mail, whereupon the open ischial site and then choose to create an account, and start created by typing your name and some information about you, and you can link your account to the ischial sites and other social networking Kalves Facebook and Twitter and other sites, and start sharing your account and answers on other sites, to help people to access your personal account and read your answers.

Privacy ischial site

Ischial site protects your privacy against the appearance of your name in question if you choose the question anonymously, was ischial old granted the right of any person to the question by opening the site, but only because of the accidents that occurred as suicide some people for security procedures have become your potential in question linked to Bamtlakk account with survival property question anonymously.

After you create your account start looking for people who wish to follow up and begin to receive questions as well.

Delete ischial Account

If you want to get rid of your ischial site and you can delete it by following these steps:

  • Open your ischial account.
  • Through the available settings option in the list of options under the title bar, you choose the option to disable the account at the bottom of the screen.
  • The ischial site then make sure that you want to close your account through the question, if you want to close it actually is definitely again.
  • The ischial site to close your account, you can not see one of your question or your personal account except in the case of re-activation.


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