How do I deal with Taurus

How do I deal with Taurus


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  • 2 general characteristics of the Taurus
  • 3 How to deal with a man Taurus
  • 4 How to deal with a girl Taurus
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Born Taurus owners between April 20 to May 20, belongs the tower to the ground element, as it continued to rule the planet Venus, and ranked second in the zodiac, and is symbolized by the symbol face of the bull and its horns, and the numbers of luck is the 2nd, 6, 9, 12.24 It features born in this tower gardening for their love, cooking, music, bright colors such as pink and green. [1]

General characteristics of the Taurus

Is one of the most towers that can trust and rely on them Bosahabh, they have a lot of qualities and traits that make up their personality and make them distinct, but these qualities may not apply to all born in this tower, including: [2]

  • Logical thinking: have a logical way of thinking, making those close to them trust their advice and decisions.
  • Vineyard known for their generosity strongly with others.
  • Trustworthy: keep secrets close to them and care about them, and be honest and frank with them, making them trust them.
  • Firm: highly focused and diligent in the implementation of tasks, and do not stop working until Andzoa duties.
  • Realistic: prefer to deal with facts, not fiction and assumptions.
  • Power Note: They have precise note of the exact details.
  • Solve problems: have a high skill in the development of plans to solve problems and successfully implemented.
  • Tepe heart: disagreeable and very Taibin in their dealings with others; Which makes people uncomfortable presence with them.
  • Organizers: organize things well, making them deal with things easily.
  • Patient: Do not worry wait, and prefer thinking and analysis prior to the implementation of tasks and taking decisions.
  • Lazy: like most of the time comfort, prefer to own a special time to relax and enjoy their lives.
  • Stubborn: cling to their ideas and change their opinions easily.
  • Materialist: seeking to own a luxurious and full of life and luxury that have great material value in some cases.
  • Love ownership: keep things that possess and do not like to share, they also do not accept the participation of people close to them with others.

How to deal with a man Taurus

A man tower has a lot of bull qualities that make a person worthy of appreciation; It generally has a personal Hadiah and easy to understand, and there are some steps and tips that you can work out even be dealing with a simple man bull, including: [3] [4]

  • Understand his love of the system and relaxes being more organized and in a safe routine environment.
  • Directing his stubbornness and insistence on his actions that do it; In order to exploit as a motivation to achieve his dreams.
  • Estimate the need to show off by showing the success of others and take pride in himself.
  • Must people around him urging him to say his views and asked about his thoughts and advice, it is often discreet and reticent on his views and feelings not shared unless pressed.
  • It must be close to him to resort to it when they need to talk; It is a good listener.
  • Should not be forced to make changes do not want in his life, it is often up to the stage of happiness and satisfaction with his life, and must be preserved.
  • Be careful not to ask him to give up his property or give to one another; He loves his property does not accept that others behave.
  • The unpredictability of it search for love and send gifts or to become a romantic; This is contrary to the nature.
  • Respect for the soft and gentle side of his personality.
  • Treated well and not to abandon it; It clings to persons not abandon them easily.
  • Understand his appreciation and his love of fine arts and music.
  • The people who work with him must beware of it is a strong competitor and always aspires to reach the best.
  • Given tasks that require him to be in the open air and deal with nature; It sees comfortable and suitable environment for creativity.
  • He prefers not to provocation and defiance; He will not hesitate to repeat attempts even win and never give up its right.
  • Must not engage with him in an open relationship or not understood, he loves the clear and stable relations.
  • Taking his words and his promises seriously; He is doing his best to speak, lest the words are not meant or give promises can not be fulfilled.
  • Accept calm and conceal it when new people to meet him; He has difficulty in identifying new people.
  • Must people around him to rely on it in the implementation of tasks.

How to deal with a girl Taurus

Often a girl Taurus based on the reality of more than feelings, and tend not to show their emotions or share, which makes others think that dealing with it is difficult, but there are a lot of ways that help to understand the qualities of a girl bull which makes dealing with it easy, including: [ 5] [6]

  • Patience and give them enough time before entering into a relationship with her; So you can build confidence.
  • Courtship and to show interest by traditional methods; They like it.
  • Stay away from attempts or condescension by weak its notification, it makes people act out of her life without return.
  • Help them feel safe; So you can trust persons around them and opening them.
  • It prefers to close it to abide by and implement the promises Amnhunha them.
  • Respect for her friends and abide by them; They are loyal to them strongly, even the one of betraying her friends regarded it as a betrayal to them.
  • Support in the development of creative and show its side.
  • Deal with them simply and her simple gifts; They do not like to exaggerate.
  • The desire to show stability when trying to enter into a relationship with them; They need physically and emotionally stable person until you are happy.
  • Be careful not to Agdabha; They do not respond directly and faces, but bear grudges in her heart for a period of time.
  • They seem to understand traditional often, but not boring.
  • Be careful not to manipulate her emotions so as not to lose confidence in the person.
  • Do not try to lie or deceive them, and her sincerity completely they can easily detect lying.
  • Respect for its analysis of all aspects of the situation before making the right decision.
  • Help them deal with the failed experiments; You may find it difficult to deal with them alone.
  • Show confidence when you commit it tasks that require them, they are working accurately.


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