How do I deal with Pisces

How do I deal with Pisces


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Generates owners between February 19 Pisces to March 20, belongs the tower to the water element, as it continued to rule the planet Jupiter, the planet Neptune, the twelfth and arranged in the towers circle, symbolized by the fish symbol, and numbers luck to him are: 3, 9, 12 , 15, 18, 24, and often tends love purple different color tones. [1]

General characteristics of Pisces

Pisces has a lot of different qualities and traits that form the distinctive character, which vary among people depending on many other factors, and the most prominent of these attributes: [2]

  • Talent: the whale is often talented and creative in many technical fields.
  • Passion: the owner of Pisces has a good heart and a great passion for a strong trend and the sympathy of others, he feels their power, making it able to heal the broken hearts around him and solicitude.
  • Karim: the advantage of the whale that he is not selfish at all, and that cream is very generous and the direction of others, even if ill-treated him.
  • Moods: Sometimes the whale is moody, and likes to keep a little personal area until it snaps temperament.
  • Negative: The thinking of all negative thoughts when he felt sad time unit, which makes it harder to skip positions.
  • Laziness: be lazy dramatically while losing motivation, making it difficult to face redundancy and try to get to what he wants.
  • Imagination: usually as soon as the whale but he keeps his dreams in his imagination and his mind and run away from attempts to try and apply them.

How to deal with a man Pisces

Often a man Pisces full of knowledge and self-evident and may be confused about himself sometimes, and do not hesitate to help those who need help, and therefore must be handled with care, and there are some tips that can be followed to deal with some of the men of the whale, and these tips: [3] [4]

  • You should go long conversations with him; It does not like small conversations and prefer to learn a lot about others before talking about himself.
  • Preferably give him enough time before you start to recognize him personally and know his secrets, it needs a long time before trusting others and reveals them about his true character.
  • Confidence in his wisdom and the way they perceive things, it is wise and has a great ability to see things in different ways from other people.
  • Must estimate his love of solitude, tranquility and unity in his home; It is considered the home of his world safe.
  • Respect for different ideas; He is in a lot of times are showing interest in the strange things.
  • Give him the freedom to do things the way he sees fit for him, and confidence in its ability to develop plans and implement them.
  • Not to force him to abide by certain rules and restrict them to carry out the work, and trust must be implemented in a way of thinking and actions.
  • Must trust his ability to accomplish the tasks given to him, he does not stop working until the end of the completion of his duties even if tasked.
  • You must estimate the sensitivity and feelings remain so loyal to the people around him and supported.
  • Confidence in his ability to do a lot of things with each other; It is multi-tasking man and has a lot of skills.
  • Stay away from trying to deceive; It often has a strong reaction if one tried to deceive him, he does not waive his right.
  • Not to put a lot of personal questions for him, or force him to tell his secrets, especially when there are strangers.
  • It must deal with his passion as a strength and not its weakness.
  • Estimate the need for a sense of true love, as he preferred to link his partner romantic.

How to deal with a girl Pisces

Pisces is a dreamy girl and compassionate dramatically, and some may have difficulty in understanding and dealing with it, but there are some tips that make it easy to deal with them, including: [5] [6]

  • It must take into account their desire to silence and sometimes withheld and wait until you return to the vitality and talking to her.
  • It must support people around them and support when they suffer, and give them time and space sufficient so that they can address the pain and return to normal.
  • You must understand the deep awareness of the meaning of life and show interest in him by taking advice and advice.
  • Must people around them understand the great passion and high sense of appreciation and dreamy nature toward herself and others; Because it is often overcome by these feelings.
  • Exchangeable tender granted; They tend to give and sacrifice when you love what one and should not take advantage of this tender personal interests or desires to achieve.
  • Assess their humanity and their willingness to provide assistance to those in need.
  • Her partner must understand the vagaries of mood and support.
  • Give love, respect and appreciation of things offered to maintain long-term relationship with them.
  • Given sufficient time and space when they need to stay alone and thinking.
  • Her friends to stay close to them must when trying to control her feelings; And prevent them from resorting to wrong ways that may control her feelings is penalized.
  • You must show interest and love through her actions; They are often concerned with the actions more than words and actions.
  • It must be dealt with on the basis of its strength; They hide a lot of strength and endurance under kindness.
  • Her friends can resort to them when they fall in the problem, and they trust local advice and they will not abandon them; It has a lot of wisdom.
  • Give a feeling of security is the best thing that might offer a girl whale, it helps them a sense of confidence and self-confidence in her feelings more.
  • Should avoid pre-launch provisions on appeal because of the large, they do not like to be judged by their knowledge. [7]
  • Estimate the analytical skills even if they are very complicated, and trust their views. [7]
  • Respect their desire not to allow others to access easily their emotions, and they may sometimes resort to use a sense of humor to hide her true feelings about others. [7]


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