How do I deal with Gemini

How do I deal with Gemini


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The motto of this tower (dexterity), a tower as everyone knows double; Double his companions's characters; Where have more than one side; Understanding impressionable-witted and Hado intelligence, while the other side understand very sensitive, sometimes you see them romantic and social open and gay, and sometimes they find two antennas tend to meditation, serious and nervous and hesitant.

Atoql owners of this tower with all the circumstances, and should know everyone who deals with Gemini that they are people who do not forget, and they always are special no one feels bored with them. Their strengths: love knowledge, and are able to exchange ideas, Hnonon, and adapt to any situation.

Gemini features

  • Weaknesses: people are nervous and impressionable anger, they are in love of unstable, and is often born in this tower focus stateless, and they always Anarchists.
  • Charismatic marks: They are small structure, owners of attractive eyes, and Bakon to speak, impressionable-witted and tinkled.
  • Why prefer: magazines, books, music, blogging, and hiking, and chat.
  • Why do they hate: repetition, routine, unity, and restrictions.
  • Favorite environment for them: museums, or any crowded place with people and libraries.

How to deal with Gemini

How to deal with the man Gemini

If I saw a man Gemini in the session, it will be clear and bright, distinctive and The joke is present, you will not know how to pass the time without getting bored and Sfn him, has a smile captivating can be erased from the memory does not, though I love the man Gemini will drown his lover with flowers and strong emotions, his words warm Sthtwik, though love mutual between women and men Gemini women he will feel the happiest women on the ground.

Gemini man fluctuates rapidly; As the temperament of many changes, you may miss a week and then shows the mood of a second Vtkadin do not know him, do you Tsttiein live with such a man? This is the time of the decision.

How to deal with Gemini women

Are always busy beyond the border, has a long list of things you want to do Bandzha, trying to overlook the small achievements, but do not succeed, and often carries out in a week what others are unable to accomplish in a month, In order to maintain your relationship time with it, you should try to take into account the priorities and agenda and all its activities into account, and assist them to accomplish as well, and respected as much as friends as much as possible always Vosedkaaha something sacred to them.

Life with born this tower is full of color, they are able to convince a long discussion until the other party its opinion, and the second party needs patience to deal with it, either busy quickly occupied the second party or Stnchgl quickly with something else.


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