How do I deal with Cancer

How do I deal with Cancer


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  • 3 How to deal with a man Cancer
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Generates owners between June 21 Cancer to 22 July, belongs to the tower to the water element, as it continued to rule the moon, and ranked fourth in the zodiac, and symbolized by the crab symbol, and lucky numbers are: 2, 3, 15, 20, and the advantage of his passion family home and hobbies, and to provide assistance to those who love them, and do not like the presence of near strangers, often tends love bright colors such as white. [1]

General characteristics of the Tower Cancer

Cancer has the owners of many of the diverse qualities that affect their personalities and their behavior and make them distinct, but these qualities differ from one person to another of the same tower, and Tnzbak all of them, including: [2]

  • Creativity has the imagination which Inmha a great creative force in many areas, particularly in the arts.
  • Passion: is able to share his emotions with others and empathy with them, and provide them with love and compassion; Because of his feelings effusive.
  • Sensitivity: it may be affected by the smallest of things, and it being very sensitive, and it makes characters that are not predictable.
  • Intuition: has a strong intuition can know the intentions of people around him.
  • Sincerity: full advantage of his dedication to his friends and members of his family, and all those who love them.
  • Negative: Often the negative side sees things that you get with him and influenced easily.
  • Tender: Never hesitate to grant the moral and emotional support to people around him.
  • Resentment: a lot of things could make him upset and angry, which would adversely affect him and make him unhappy.
  • Mood: It may be moody, especially when feeling jealous or if not meet their needs emotional.
  • Doubt: sometimes tends to protect himself from the others from an imbalance of suspicion and not to give them full confidence when he felt safe with them.

How to deal with a man Cancer

Enjoy man Cancer many characteristics it is strong from the outside and delicate inside, sometimes needs to protect himself and his feelings through demonstrations with excessive force and cruelty, and certainly will be different from a man cancer to another, and to make the deal with a simple can follow a few tips, such as: 3] [4]

  • Should people around him to be patient and treated gently so that can give them confidence and openness to them.
  • People must be fully honest with him so that they can build a strong relationship, Valsedk of the most important things he has.
  • Preferably people talk to him gently and be careful not to say bad and hurtful words do not even hurt his feelings; In some cases, they speak personally and understands that it is intended.
  • Not to disappoint even the hope remains loving people.
  • You can gain confidence by ignoring the public understanding and shy feelings and feelings.
  • Not to make it the focus of attention and focus the spotlight on it so as not tenses.
  • It may be the closest way to his heart is through his family, if the person was able to love his family and gain confidence he will trust him and open it without hesitation or fear.
  • Stay away from attempts to provoke jealousy by using other people so they are not lost as a friend or lover.
  • Respect for his desire to stay away from crowded places and spend time with him individually at home to make him happy.
  • You may feel insecure sometimes and then on around him must be present with him and beside him and support as much as possible.
  • It may be a good use of his mother to understand it better, it often has a very strong association with it.
  • Sometimes hides his feelings inside negative and shows it to anyone, but it is better to people interested in the presence of him next to him and support so that it does not control these negative emotions.

How to deal with a girl Cancer

The most benign cancer girl and passion may be at all, but they often do not feel safe and trust easily those who around it, and therefore must be handled with care and kindness, and of course this may vary from one girl cancer to another according to her, it is possible to follow some tips to understand her and to make dealing with it easy, including: [5] [6]

  • Respect for their sensitivity and sympathy with others and support and assistance when needed.
  • Estimate the willingness to provide assistance to improve difficult situations.
  • Confidence in its ability to lead people and find solutions, their attention to detail help her to do so.
  • Her friends must do their best to gain their confidence, they are very loyal to them, but they do not grant this trust easily.
  • Preferably request forgivable in the event of nuisance or hurting her feelings and appreciation of anger and sympathy with them so as not to lose the person forever.
  • Even the person remains conservative on his relationship with cancer girl to provide him respect for her family; Because they have a strong relationship with them and tend to protect them.
  • Be careful not to betray their trust, in the same people lost their confidence they can not be recovered again.
  • It must be nurtured and attention; Because they tend interesting to others and meet their needs and take care of them.
  • Avoid sensitizing them jealous; Because they are very jealous on her partner, and tend to be in deep relationships.
  • Estimate the need for a presence in her home, she sees at home source of comfort and safety.
  • Can support it by take her to the sea, they strongly feel comfortable when visiting and feel that he provide them with support and strength.
  • Must colleagues confidence in their ability to accomplish a lot of business as long as they pledged their will, they work hard and not back down even complete its work.
  • Provide her appreciation when doing and make an effort to do serious work; That you do not even feel disappointed and withdraw it does not make any effort in later times.
  • Absorbing her feelings and big sensitivity.
  • Gifts that have great moral value is may be the most appropriate way to
  • You can gain satisfaction and Lodha by offering a set of moral gifts or antique; Because this kind of gifts touched her passion.


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