How do I deal with a man Scorpio

How do I deal with a man Scorpio


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Born Scorpio owners between 23 October to 21 November, the belongs of the tower to the water element, and it continued for more stars density within the zodiac, and has Kawkaban two Governors are Pluto and Mars, and ranked eighth in the towers circle, symbolized by the symbol Scorpio, and numbers luck are 8, 11, 18, 22, and tends love fireworks colors such as red and scarlet. [1]

Personal man Scorpio

Scorpio man enjoys a lot of different qualities and traits that make up his personality and make it unique, but these qualities may not be in all this was born in the tower, including: [2]

  • Mysterious: Scorpion features a man of mystery and secrets to his province.
  • Confident of himself: self-confident and highly visible to others, which is what makes it attractive.
  • Curious: it is passionate, especially if he did something he loves and is interested in it when he would do his best to do.
  • Savior: it has a lot of devotion and loyalty to the people in his life.
  • Harsh: often it shows the severity and firmness although it is affectionate and passionate with people close to him.
  • Passionate: often known for adopting decisions based on his passion and his heart, but he also thinks logical and analytical.
  • Hakim: one of the most intelligent people and wisdom, it is also more mature than people of the same generation.
  • Ambition: has a lot of goals in life and work to achieve them.
  • Sadiq is often very straightforward and can not lie.
  • Strong: easily attracted to the places of power and control and likes to be in the foreground.
  • Avenger: difficulty in forgiving the person who may harm him seeking revenge from him.
  • Temperamental: his behavior changed dramatically and is due to the vagaries of temperament.
  • Smug: it has the ability to be in control of his life and the lives of others, and this often leads to make him arrogant.
  • Egocentric: his wishes and needs of the most important people around him sometimes.
  • Undisciplined: You may face problems in the control of some emotional motives.
  • Rebel: does not like to follow the rules set by other people usually prefer to follow its own rules.
  • Sense of humor: has a cynical sense of humor.

How to deal with a man Scorpio

As far as it seems to deal with a man Scorpio difficult, but once you understand the qualities can be dealt with easily, and there are some steps and tips that can be followed to facilitate dealing with, including: [3] [4]

  • Understand the need to rebel against societal norms that are not deemed suitable for him sometimes.
  • It is best not to make mistakes with him, he often has a profound and sensitive feelings incredibly.
  • Upon entering his house it is better to sit in the place and is determined not to wander in places not determined; He tends to keep particularity until the confidence of persons before allowing them to roam in his house.
  • It may not be frank about the things that he wants to hide sometimes, to his belief that people do not care enough to know these things, so the people around him who care about his work on the discovery of his affairs favorite and let them know them to gain respect and appreciation.
  • Preferably treated with care and love, and work to please him so as not to get angry and uttered words inoffensive.
  • Confidence in its ability to provide assistance when needed.
  • Understand his desire to know everything about the people alone; It is deeply curious, and the strong intuition helps him to know what he wants all alone.
  • Persons should be granted freedom and independence in Okhdhir decisions, and not to restrict the laws and rules of other persons; He likes to follow its own rules.
  • Confidence in his ability to control any situation in which he finds himself.
  • His friends must earn his trust and devotion to him so as not to abandon them.
  • Not to ask him about his secrets and ask him to reveal them as soon as his knowledge, it tends to be confidential and will not disclose Bosrarh Sawa to those close to him.
  • Confidence in his wisdom.
  • Support when losing the challenge, and give him enough time so that he can prepare and run of again; He never gives up.
  • His participation in his enthusiasm is not limited when doing what adventure.
  • Dealing with him before judging him; When approaching him and find out what it is people able to discover what it really is quiet and analytical mind.
  • Persons who want to be closer to him to possess distinctive qualities, it does not like to be closer to ordinary people.
  • Help him take a break and relax repeatedly; To maintain his health.

Dealing with a man Scorpio in love

It may be difficult to predict what a man wants Scorpio in the emotional relationship which makes dealing with him is not easy, but there are some ways to help the girl to understand Scorpio man and deal with him when he loves, including: [5]

  • Estimate its attempts to protect and defend them; In some cases, express his feelings in this way.
  • The girl who loves her should be independent to be able to earn his love.
  • Avoid doing things or speaking words that might hurt his feelings and frustrated; Even his feelings do not change their direction.
  • Accept his attempts to hide his feelings and not to show them; And understand that it does so even protect himself.
  • Talk to him in all things, especially things that stimulate thinking.
  • Ready to fight a long-term relationship with him; When you find a girl who loves her does not abandon them and never save her.
  • Preferably any secrets with him and share not hide everything about her life.
  • Understand his jealousy from others.

Dealing with a man Scorpio in the work environment

Persons must be working under the leadership of a man Scorpio to be active during the work, he likes to work hard to succeed and come out the best results, as he trusts the people who Yuklhm solve problems and take action, he always chooses the best to solve the problems when they appear, and as an employee must let him think freely, and give him ample workspace in order to be productive and more creative, and must trust in his ability to solve problems, he is intelligent and does not like to waste time, as he likes to work within a team he is so creative. [6]


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