How do I deal with a man Pisces

How do I deal with a man Pisces


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Born Pisces owners between February 19 to 20 in March, followed by the water element, which is characteristic of his companions compassion, and ruled by the planet Neptune and Uranus, and ranked twelfth among the towers, symbolized by the code two fish opposite to each other, and believe that the following numbers are their luck: 3, numbers 9.12, 15, 18, 24, and on Thursday is my favorite day of the week, and tend love all grades color purple, and believed that they achieve the best compatibility with Taurus owners, Tower Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. [1]

Personal man Pisces

There is a lot of qualities and traits and behaviors that constitute some aspects of personal whale man and make him loved greatly and attractive, and all of them are not at all Pisces men, most notably: [2]

  • Characterized by strong Batefth and being sensitive and romantic man.
  • Creative and has a strong intuition and modest.
  • Often skillful in reading the hidden signals from the others; Such as body language.
  • Often it is able to treat emotional problems when others.
  • Sympathize with the people around him are affected by their mood sometimes.
  • Preferably near the presence of people optimists.
  • Giver and generous with others; Feel comfortable and happy when you do it.
  • Avoids confrontations with others if it is possible to hurt them.
  • Difficulty rejection and not say a word and left negative attitudes with those close to him.
  • Tends to think through his feelings and way more emotional than logical.
  • Rarely angry or take an aggressive attitude.
  • Far away from selfishness dramatically, and others tend to prefer himself.
  • Inquisitive and loves to know everything about the people around him, with his desire to the reservation to his secrets and private affairs. [3]
  • Sage can trust his words. [3]
  • Enjoy a presence near the animals, plants and nature in general. [3]

How to deal with a man Pisces

Pisces is a man of the favorite characters that can be easily understood, and there are some ways that help to deal with and easily understood, and most importantly: [4]

  • Help him relax; It is rarely able to relax alone.
  • His sense of confidence strongly sixth and his nose; It relies heavily upon to take the difficult decisions.
  • Understand that it is judged other people based on the true personality and not on their appearance.
  • He appreciated his interest in the feelings of others and treated gently and tenderness of people.
  • Faith in his ability to give inspiration to those around him.
  • Presence with him on social occasions, he loves the presence of the people around him because of the social aspect of his personality.
  • Support him in his adventures and his love for travel.
  • Conducting talks with him about a lot of things are different and varied.
  • Share personal experiences in various fields.
  • Avoid forcing him to follow certain rules or specific routine; He hates red tape and rules.
  • Estimation of higher ambition and his desire to get better access to the best mattress in his life.
  • Help him determine the best way to reach success; It is usually preferred to follow the road easier and manual even if it is not the appropriate.
  • Help him to realize its potential and abilities to succeed; He loves presence near the smart people and pragmatists, to follow their example and support him so that he can achieve success.
  • Stimulate the achievement by showcasing the achievements of other people on it and the stories of real success; This helps him to increase confidence in its ability to improve the level of the best.
  • Dealing with sensitivity as the power point in his character.
  • His support and his encouragement to be firm and refuse to say no when needed; So as not to be exploited by others.
  • Urging him to tell the truth and openness to others tactful way and explain to him that it will not hurt their feelings or injuring.
  • It must be close to him resort to him when they are in difficult situations; They will provide assistance and support to them.
  • Close to him must talk to him when they need one to hear them; It is a good listener and understanding.
  • To help him when it breaks the problem and help to resolve them; Despite its ability to solve the problems of others, but he can not solve its own problems easily.
  • Make it feel safe so that he can trust persons and openness to them. [3]
  • Understand his need to maintain his affairs for himself and keep a small circle close to him; He does so to protect himself and protect his feelings. [3]

Dealing with the man Pisces in love

Pisces is often a man looking for a perfect love affair, and once it finds make every effort to make it succeed, and there are many ways and different women may help to understand his style of love and deal with him easily, including: [5]

  • Accept the sensitive nature and sympathetic.
  • Give him time and space with adequate even sure of his feelings before ordering him to engage in a romantic relationship.
  • Understand his desire to build a relationship based on a balanced emotions and spiritual bonding with the loved.
  • Praise and praise him constantly even feel that someone special.
  • Accepted as all the qualities of his personality is flexible and viable change dramatically and avoid attempts to change it.
  • Understand his desire to fight the emotional relationship simply and purity.
  • Avoid hurting and hurting his feelings and even engage in a heated debate with him about the relationship; It is sensitive to the degree of emotional collapses may endure if he felt he was on the verge of separation from his beloved.
  • Be patient and determined to the success of the relationship; It is sometimes complicated relationships and picky.
  • Attracted his attention by talking with him long interviews.

Dealing with a man whale in the work environment

Pisces prefer a man to engage functions strange and new and interesting, preferably flexible working hours, and also loves the freedom to perform his duties through his choice of the way he sees fit; This makes him happy employees and able to deliver more, and prefer not to restrict in a lot of rules, laws and forcing him to follow up remains able to innovation and creativity, and must employees who work for the benefit of man Pisces to show their creativity and organizational abilities to him so that he can trust in their work, and asylum and she asked him his opinion and help him in some tasks when they need so, avoid it lying or deception in order to avoid losing their confidence. [3] [6]


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