How do I deal with a man Leo

How do I deal with a man Leo


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Is the lion tower of the towers firearms, extending his term from 23 July through to 22 August, and its colors favorite yellow, orange, and is the fifth tower in the arrangement between the towers, and the character in the Chinese Monkey towers, [1] It is believed that the baby boomers tower are characterized by high self-confidence and leadership personal that enable them to achieve their goals no matter how difficult, it can rely on them heavily, and have the courage to face whatever stands in their way. [2]

How to deal with a man Leo

Even easier to deal with a man the lion tower on the opposite person must show several qualities that often fit with the character born of the tower, including the following: [3]

  • A person must be characterized by a positive and optimistic stay as much as possible and try to deploy this energy to those around him, because it may raise the attention of the man Leo, and this is by looking for things to return happiness to the person and those around him from the people; Because it may increase the confidence of the person thus attracting born Leo.
  • Do not resort to deceit the person or manipulated while dealing with a man the lion; Because it can not rhythm easily as it can feel so simply, so the person dealing with all sincerity and spontaneity.
  • Dealing with the lion man with all sincerity and passion and confidence, he does not like superficial beauty but what is looking deeper than that, as well as the person to focus on the qualities of the man and the lion and appreciated his advice so.
  • A person must be independent in itself to be able to attract the lion man, he needs to feel confident about the person opposite him so that he can rely on in time of need, as well as should look for things that stimulate the lion man to pull him.
  • A man the lion likes to be highlighted mostly, he enjoys to be the center of attention by others, as he feels proud and confident at the mention of its features and qualities, for the opposite person to do flattered and praise a man lion even win his love. [4]
  • A man can be seen as the lion people quarrelsome and competitive at the same time, a strong addition to being nothing afraid is therefore not back down, but when the challenge continues to strongly and consistently, so it is best not to challenge him. [4]
  • Can be considered as a man lion people are very enthusiastic, he prefers to spend the holiday in the practice of fun activities and carry out new adventures to lie down and watch Allvaszewqt, as he does not like to remain silent even for one minute, so a person must participation in these activities. [5]
  • Assad loves a man to be respected his privacy and give it own space, he is a genius in the creation of things, he also appreciates the art and can see the beauty in anything. [5]
  • Assad would prefer a man to take the lead in relations, but he loves discussion and communication and that his opinion is taken into consideration always, so care must be taken continuously discussed and exchanged parties to talk with him. [5]

Features man Leo

He believes that the man Leo may enjoy a range of qualities that distinguish it from others, and these qualities as follows: [6]

  • Sincerity: It is believed that the man Assad is characterized by his loyalty and devotion to those who ordered them to care about, he appreciates their support and high regard to him in his life.
  • Cooperation: As the lion man will never hesitate to provide help and assistance to those in need.
  • Optimism: man can lion do many of the tasks and work experiences in a positive way and what is owned by the great optimism paid for it.
  • Honesty: Man Leo is characterized by absolute sincerity and clarity around him with the people, it is considered one of the truthful people in their lives.
  • Leadership: A man is the lion of the leading figures that do not require much effort to prove it, it shows his abilities in a way to make it directly gets the love and appreciation by others.
  • Romance: A man can be seen as the lion of romantic personalities, where he shows his emotions and his feelings for his partner with all clarity and sincerity.
  • Care: It features a man Leo for his ability to take care of care ordered them from friends and relatives, and the provision of support and help them in time of need.

Disadvantages man Leo

Believes that there is a set of negative qualities that may be characterized by born Leo, which may affect his relationship with others, including the following: [6] [7]

  • Selfishness: A man is believed that Leo has sometimes characterized by selfishness and love of self so that it can achieve its objectives, it gives priority to himself in everything often.
  • Vanity: Man Lion Tower has characterized by arrogance, which is caused by high self-confidence and belief that it is always better.
  • Control: Because of his leadership believed that the man Leo may prefer to always be dominant; Because that make him feel his power, as it is often stick to his opinion and accept the views of others.
  • Laziness: he believes that the man Leo has sometimes characterized by laziness despite the great ambition, it is often preferred to take the easiest way to achieve its objectives.
  • Jealousy is believed that the man Leo often will not accept the existence of it is better or superior it, so it is characterized by highly competitive.

Love when a man Leo

He believes that the man Leo of sensitive people and Alatefaan dramatically, so he often respects his relationship when falling in love, it is his feelings show and passion in all sincerity and spontaneous, but it is often excessive confidence and to provide assistance and protection for those who love, but in return it will feel his partner safety, comfort and happiness, as well as their sense of humor and have fun away from the boring routine, so the beautiful His romance could make him a privileged partner in the life of the other party. [8]

Professional life when a man Leo

He believes that the man Leo often excels in leadership positions, because of its ability to motivate others and encourage permanently to achieve progress and success, provided that one of them becomes better, which often prefer to work individually to work within a team and this is because of his belief that he is capable of creativity and more innovation when working alone, as it is often concerned with the impact of work on his life at the expense of the physical value when performing this work, but in turn is able to make money considerably. [9]


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