How do I deal with a man Gemini

How do I deal with a man Gemini


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Naming of dating Gemini to Latin (geminī) and collected (geminus), and the mean twin, where a pair of twins tower symbol of Gemini, and the Gemini sign belongs to the air element, and falls down the tower of people who are born between May 21 (May ) and 20 June, [1] has been characterized by some men Gemini kindness and personal possessing affectionate and curious, as they have the ability to learn quickly and to swap ideas and discuss them with others with ease and smoothly, but may be characterized by men Gemini also duplicity, which leads to change their mood from time to time. [1]

May share some men Gemini their love for music, books, magazines, and dialogue with others as a sign of social personality, and although they escolar and love to communicate with others, but they may suddenly tend to become serious and nervous, and may prefer a presence within the group of friends or with family instead of staying alone in a dull routine and the reason for this to their personality duplication. [1]

How to deal with a man Gemini

Dealing with the man Gemini is a challenge, due to his smart and volatile temperament, which requires the counterparty patience and love of what is expected, and the Gemini man and in a frank and clear feel of which deals with security and trust; There are several tips to deal with a man Gemini in general, including the following: [2] [3]

  • Harmony with the nature of man Gemini and accept his personality; If what matters most man Gemini harmony and enjoy with others, whether it was just a colleague at work or a friend or member of his family.
  • Dialogues with the Gemini man from time to time; He likes to make the discussion with others for fun, and it is very good in the debate, where others may not be able to win it by using any argument; Because you can see all aspects of the argument in the debate.
  • Honesty when dealing with a man Gemini, Gemini where a man can discover the lack of sincerity of the words of others quickly to his wits, and although the confidence of a man Gemini high in others, but he may lose their confidence when you know the facts, so you must deal with them honestly.
  • Maintain mutual respect, a man characterized by serious Gemini, and deals with others with respect and likes to Abadloh respect.
  • Avoid vanity when dealing with a man Gemini.
  • Participation of modern parties; Where a man Gemini person who can share conversations and knowledge reciprocates cares, as he likes to listen to others, too.

How to deal with a man Gemini at work

Some Gemini describes a man as energetic at work, where he performs what he has work to the fullest and on time, as well as a social person when dealing with his colleagues at work; But he does not like red tape or forced to work under pressure, due to the nature of his character, so you must follow the following steps when dealing with a man Gemini at work: [4] [5]

  • Dealing with the man Gemini professionally and maintain appropriate professional distance when dealing with him; As the knowledge of temperament to choose the appropriate way to deal with him is difficult due to his personality duplication, so you must give him own space, and not an attempt to interfere in its own affairs, but that does not mean that it is not a person socially and friendly, but he likes to enjoy with his colleagues at work.
  • Accept the mood of a man Gemini; You must accept different temperament in the work, as it maintains confidence in the other party and relied upon as a person and a reliable collaborator.
  • Keep up with the ideas of man Gemini and interact with him, where Gemini man is someone with high intelligence, so keep up with his thoughts and interact with fellow make a person well in his work.
  • Clarity in dealing with a man Gemini, since dealing with a man Gemini clearly easy to work with him, and maintains mutual trust during the work.

How to deal with a man in love Gemini

Believes that man Gemini less romantic than the female, but when he loves a man Gemini he would not think of leaving his partner never even would want to communicate with him continuously and to share his information and knowledge and spend time fun and unique with him, and there are some tips that can be followed to deal with the man Gemini in love, including the following: [6] [7]

  • Show interest and listen to a good man Gemini during his speech.
  • Care to add something new and distinctive in a relationship with a man Gemini between the period and another; So as to experience the love of all that is new and feeling bored direction constant routine, so good to bring about change from time to time.
  • Fit man Gemini personality and temperament accept volatility; As his partner duplication requires more patience.
  • Personal Gemini man sometimes childish, as the man Gemini likes to enjoy his time and look interesting speech that might be a little bit childish, so the other party must accept his character and harmony with him accepted.
  • Gemini help man to make decisions when hesitant; Since the nature of duplication may make it stuck between the adoption of two resolutions, so on the other side to provide assistance to him and give his opinion on the pros and cons of both options and to assist him in making the right decision.

How to choose a gift for a man Gemini

Gemini man is characterized as a person practical and simple so he needs to be a gift fit his thinking and requirements, and examples of such gifts as follows: [8]

  • The book contains topics and useful knowledge, so love Gemini man knowledge and science.
  • Tools or electronic devices may facilitate his work.
  • Call for unusual places or doing adventures and try something new and spend time with him.


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