How do I arrange the bedroom

How do I arrange the bedroom


  • 1 create room
  • 2 processing the necessary purposes
  • 3 Order scattered purposes
  • 4 waste collection
  • 5 bed arrangement
  • 6 surfaces Order
  • 7 dust removal
  • 8 sweep the floor
  • 9 References

Create room

Advisable to open the windows and the removal of the curtains to enter the sunlight into the room, it helps to give energy and lighting the room better, as can put music that encourage movement, because the presence of a source of distraction helps to complete the cleaning task faster. [1]

The necessary processing purposes

Purposes should be equipped with the necessary arrangement before starting the process to facilitate and accelerate, which is as follows: [2]

  • Basket or tray large to assemble the scattered purposes.
  • A vacuum cleaner or a hand broom.
  • Wastebasket.

Order scattered purposes

You must arrange the greatest possible purposes scattered on the floor or bed or office, so remove all the widgets that do not belong to the room to the custom and collect soiled clothes and put them in the laundry basket places, as must be arranged clean clothes, suspended or placed in the treasury and arrange the rest of the widgets in place Ad-Hoc. [3]

Waste collection

Must all waste collection and put them in the basket allocated for waste, such as leaves or damaged, such as old clothes widgets, newspapers or worn magazines because it provides a space to store the most important widgets, and if time is not available so you must get rid of the waste phenomenon like paper and garbage and leaving the disposal of purposes damaged another time. [2]


It is necessary to arrange the bed, even if the person was one of the people who do not believe in the necessity of arranging for being Sastamlh after a few hours later, because the bed salary gives the most beautiful appearance of the room and reduces clutter. [2]

Order surfaces

Certainly many of the widgets presence on the surfaces of furniture in the room such as office or decorated or other which belong to other places such as shelves or Drawer, and must therefore be placed in ad hoc or assembled in a basket to arrange their places and stored at another time. [2]

Dust removal

The dust should be removed well from everywhere in the room, such as a mirror or side table or side-light or accessory art and antiques, as advised to remove dust dry towel and removed again to prevent wet towel clumping again. [3]

Sweep the floor

Must sweep the floor vacuumed, taking care to sweep all Onhaiha and access to places like the bottom of the bed or behind the desk, and can sweep the litter from time to time. [3]


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