How discovered electricity

How discovered electricity


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Electricity (in English: Electricity): is the phenomenon formed because of the presence of the consignment, and be charged primarily on the proton or electron, has been shown that the electron charge represents a charge negative, the proton, it represents a positive charge, and most elementary particles of matter possess shipment, whether a positive charge, or negative, affect these shipments in each other strongly type varies depending on the type of shipment; As the power of repulsion may be if the shipments are similar, may be a force of attraction when corresponding to different shipments, electric is the power of shipments much greater than the force of gravity between the particles, and be corn in the case of electrical stability when equal numbers of electrons and protons, but if increased numbers electrons from protons, the atom then represents Iona negative, and if fewer electrons from the number of protons, the atom is Iona positive. [1] [2]

How the discovery of electricity

Electricity is the most important human discoveries throughout history, it has been discovered, and observed 600 years ago BC, where he observed the Greeks that amber attracts straw, feathers, and light objects to it when rubbed textured wool, and at the same time he studied the world and the Greek philosopher Thales of this phenomenon, it was first described, as called amber name (Alratneja); Which means in Greek: electricity, and in the sixteenth century studied the English scientist William Gilbert this phenomenon was first studied and showed the difference between the polarization electric, magnetic and gravitational attraction, and in 1873, invented the world's French grams generator device electric which converts mechanical power into electrical energy, which is also known as (dynamos). [3]

After about sixty years ago, the creation of the first power generator static, through the world of German Otto von Guirec, and then, the researchers noted the presence of two types of electrical charges, namely: electricity, glass, electricity Alratnejah, showing that shipments of similar repel each other, and that various shipments harnessed , then the American scientist Benjamin Franklin came in the middle of the seventeenth century, to invent the concept of electricity positive, negative and electricity, based on the impact of objects electrically charged in the attraction, or ostracism, and considered that the positive charge is the increase in shipments of glass, while the negative charges, they represent shortage in shipments of glass, these shipments are not included in the installation of corn; Because the electricity source of atoms, and atoms of electricity paradox, is the hidden mass of the universe, which is made up of atoms of atomic yarn hidden material positive, and the atoms of atomic yarn hidden material negative antithesis. [3]

The importance of the discovery of electricity

It is one of the most important scientific discoveries reached by the human discovery of electricity; Where this discovery contributed to the human development of life, and jumped science giant steps forward, electricity is an essential source and a form of energy multi-uses, removable controllable, as it is the foundation upon which the industries of various kinds and classes, they are the source of light and lighting in the streets , homes, where is the invention of the light bulb first reason to make the lighting of the first applications in the field of electrical energy, as invented by the world of Thomas Edison in the late nineteenth century, it also represents the electric wave source that contributed to the telecommunications industry, wireless, which enables humans convert electrical energy into other forms of energy, such as: thermal energy, kinetic energy, and in addition, it has facilitated electricity and means of communication, becoming more speed, ease, and is the electric telegraph one of the oldest electrical applications in the field of communications, where coined Cook Oatston in 1837, electricity can also be used in cooling operations. [3] [4]

Electricity generation

The study conducted by the Greek philosopher "Thales" on the rods of amber, have contributed to laying the foundation for the possibility of electric power production, where led Knit amber wool to generate sparks and attract light objects, such as straw, though, this method no longer effective ; For this was invented battery voltages in the eighteenth century, which has been developed to the electric battery, is the electric battery source common and strong energy, and it can be used in many applications, but the disadvantages of this battery is that its ability to store energy is limited, and must be shipped down , or disposed of as soon as the end of the energy stored in it. [4] [5]

The world Faraday was invented in 1831 mono generator pole, which is based on the electromagnetic phenomenon, and continued attempts to generate electricity from generators using this phenomenon, where innovation generators that run on steam resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels, or through the kinetic energy generated by the wind, or flowing water, or from nuclear reactions, and in the late nineteenth century, the invention of the converter that transmits electricity from places generated to different areas, and with the passage of time, and the increased demand for electricity, and given the environmental and health risks related to ways to generate electricity, there was a need to focus on renewable energy sources for the generation of electric power, such as: hydropower, kinetic energy, wind power, also used precipitant States and coastal energy resulting from the phenomenon of tidal power generation, as these are stored energy in tidal currents by the Earth's rotation on its axis, and the attractiveness of the sun and the moon, and is the construction of dams of the methods used in electrical power generation from This phenomenon. [4] [5]


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