How discovered cancer early

How discovered cancer early


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The disease of cancer of malignant diseases that beats her alarm because of the inability of scientists and doctors to find a solution and effective treatment to resist and get rid of it despite the development of science and technology over the past and current years, due to the lack of discovery of the underlying cause of the emergence of malignant disease, and called the disease Balkhbayt so as to malignancy of cancer cells responsible for the disease; They are characterized by high ability to Ngll and invade normal tissue surrounding it. [1] and enjoy cancer cells rapid deployment and move to other members, and may affect the disease human at any stage age, so that it may affect fetuses, but the risk of infection increases with the more human progress in age, the death rate of 13% due to cancer, but there are some of the many cases in which it corresponded to heal. [2]

Symptoms of cancer

The onset of symptoms varies from person to person, there is from the later to discover his illness and here lies the difficulty of access to effective treatment for their resistance and get rid of it, while there is a class of patients who can discover the illness of cancer during an early time by observing the symptoms that may accompany them, so it must be knowledge of those symptoms of infection reveal it early, these symptoms are divided into three types including: [3]

  • General symptoms: falls, including appetite loss in a person who accompanied and result in weight loss sharply, as accompanied also fatigue and fatigue in general, suffering sweating, especially during the night, lasting and continuous rise in the degree of the injured person's temperature, in addition to the loss of consciousness is constantly constant sense of a strong headache and violent.
  • Symptoms of localized: or tumor mass as the existence of a particular area of ​​the body injured.
  • Symptoms indicate the spread of the disease: Khdot inflation in one of the various lymph nodes in the body or the presence of severe pain in the bones and joints.

Cancer Diagnosis

Can not be diagnosed with cancer only after a medical examination comprehensive by taking a sample of tissue to be tested to confirm the presence of the disease, or whether or not, and can not be limited to the symptoms as we mentioned only, and can not say that the human sense of such symptoms or part of them requires going to the doctor. [4]


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