How can I improve my appearance outside

How can I improve my appearance outside


  • 1 Exterior
  • 2 ways to improve the external appearance 2.1 ways to improve the external appearance of the girl 2.2 ways to improve the exterior of the man
  • 2.1 ways to improve the external appearance of the girl
  • 2.2 ways to improve the exterior of the man


The appearance outside is of great importance in our process. Most people take the first impression about a person from his appearance, and this affects the deal between us and the people, they forget the name, but you can not forget about the extent of the elegance of appearance outside, attention to appearance evidence of culture, cleanliness and sophistication, It is important to enjoy the appearance of a refined person and the highest moral character, and in this article we will review some of the ways that make it look beautiful and attractive whether the girl or the man.

Ways to improve the external appearance

Ways to improve the external appearance of the girl

  • Attention to personal hygiene, and should not be neglected any circumstances, and take care of every detail in the body. In the beginning you should wash the face and body on a daily basis, and interest in poetry and arranged, and the appearance of eyebrows, and should not forget that the body odor is important so it is advisable Baltattr, remove the smell of sweat, odors the mouth.
  • Nail attention, it is important to trim nails and Hzbha, and the preservation of its cleanliness, because of its large role in making the outer appearance attractive.
  • Interest clothed and elegance, where it has a major role in giving aesthetic touches on the exterior, so you must be careful to choose the elegant and tidy clothes and consistent colors, and most importantly to be suitable for the color of the skin and are consistent with the shape of the body.
  • Not to put a lot of make-up, and avoid the use of the colors do not fit the skin, Valmkaaj light and quiet appearance gives the most beautiful.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of hair and hairstyle as fits face shape.
  • If a woman should be veiled attention to the color of the veil and the harmony of color with the dresses, and the method developed are appropriate to the shape of the face.
  • Maintain the freshness of the skin, and protect it from grain and blackheads appearance, use of masks that fit the nature of the skin.
  • Speak politely and quiet voice, and not to talk County, it is necessary to pay attention to the words used in his speech.
  • Dental care so that they are clean and shiny, and healthy.

Ways to improve the external appearance of a man

  • Personal hygiene, is one of the most important things that you should care about men, in particular that the man suffers from a large number of sweating, it must take into account the continuous washing, permanent Altattr.
  • Attention to skin care, shaving the beard regularly, and if those who love Lengthening beards, take care of it and prefer their order.
  • Bbenith physical interest, it is preferable to go to a sports club, and consult with specialists.
  • Elegant clothes for a man of the most important things, where the secret of the elegance of the young man back to the elegance and arrange Thiaah.
  • Demobilization hair and arranged constantly, attendance must shave seems to always look tidy.


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