How can I be graceful and beautiful

How can I be graceful and beautiful


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  • 2 Tips to Increase Fitness
  • 3 Tips to show the beauty
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Get rid of toxins

The process of transformation of self to get a new body full of beauty and fitness requires that rid the body of all the toxins and dirt deposited in it, and this can be achieved through the organization of routine includes a selection of foods and juices that help to rid the body of these toxins, and shall be diversification from time to time in the options available; To avoid being bored. [1]

Tips to Increase Fitness

Address the following points are some tips that help to increase the agility of the body: [2]

  • The practice of physical activities suddenly and fast periods of no more than a few minutes, can be achieved in this way related to the benefits of heart health in the same exercise rate of moderate intensity for longer periods.
  • Organize daily times so as to be more active, replace Fbalamkan time watching TV evening exercise dance.
  • Stop choosing the easy ways to do things and choose the most difficult roads, it increases the activity.
  • Planning for a week of various activities, such as walking long distances, cycling, or training activity desirable.
  • According to practice in front of the mirror in making the person increases the speed of exercise without a lot of effort to do.
  • Track daily rate steps; This would contribute to the progress of the individual registration and an increase catalyzed.

Tips to show the beauty

Can offer some tips that help to show the beauty as follows: [3]

  • It stems from the real beauty within oneself, and can count on this point in a show of self-beauty through self-confidence and self-accepted.
  • Maintain the skin through the follow-up to take care of it in terms of cleaning and moisturizing, without omission sponsorship Balmascat from two to three per week, and other means.
  • The organization of a healthy and balanced nutrition; This is essential for the health of the skin and the body in general, Veraay care to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fat and healthy proteins.
  • Careful to drink the amount of water recommended which is an average of 8 cups a day.
  • Drinking green tea or white from time to time; To take advantage of antioxidants in it, which is considered essential for the freshness and youth skin.


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