How can I avoid cons of the Internet

How can I avoid cons of the Internet


  • 1 Internet separation for a period of time
  • 2 set the time to use the Internet
  • 3 Sent Data Protection
  • 4 References

Internet separation for a period of time

The Internet may cause addiction when used excessively, as it may lead to academic decline as a result of his preoccupation instead of studying; It is advisable to the Internet disconnect entirely from time to time by dragging the Internet cable from electricity, or turn off the wireless connection, or turn off the modem or router, it referred to the existence of the types of routers or routers that allow set time can be through use of the Internet. The other way to separate Internet when the inability to force self to do this is to tell the person to do that job, making sure governed by the procedures or precautions that prevent re-run the Internet again, [1] on the other hand, can participate in some household or social business to refrain from the use of Internet temporarily, such as: assistance in preparing meals or going out with friends on a trip or to visit a shopping mall, while avoiding places that allow use of the Internet for free such as coffee shops. [2]

Set the time to use the Internet

You must set a specific time to use the Internet, through an alarm mode or temporary work after a certain period of time, for example, a minute Kthelathin, so stay away from the Internet as soon as the end of time, and to reduce the use of dedicated Internet services period can be replaced by other means; For example, can contact a friend by telephone instead of correspondence on the Internet, and go out with him daily for a sufficient time for the departure of the Internet. [2]

Protection of data sent

People can send some confidential information over the Internet, such as user names, passwords, or credit card numbers, and in this case, be sure to send it safely, and can be done by locking the so-called (Internet browser security lock) located in the corner of the bottom right of the window the browser or the side of the address bar, and it must be in the lock position and the lock is not cancellation (ie closed and not open). [3]


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