How can generate electricity

How can generate electricity


  • 1 thermal power
  • 2 solar panels
  • 3 wind power
  • 4 fossil fuel
  • 5 energy flowing water
  • 6 nuclear power
  • 7 electricity piezoelectricity
  • 8 References

Thermal energy

The use of heat from common systems to generate electricity, even though it requires a bit of space and equipment, and adopt this method to produce steam using heat, and use it to move the turbine operator of the generator, thereby producing electricity, can also be used thermocouples in the absence of parts moving in the system, as they exploit the winning electrical effect in the joints between the different metals, and states that the satellites between the planets used electric generators thermal radioactive isotopes (in English: radioisotope thermoelectric generators) to generate energy; Which do not contain moving parts, as it depends on the use of radioactive material, for example, the plutonium for the production of heat, which is based thermocouples by turning it into electricity. [1]

Solar Panels

Solar energy is an alternative energy source, which used solar panels in the spacecraft, and on the sides of roads and surfaces, and boils down to work to enable the photons optical collision electrons free from atoms to produce Kahraaia stream, formed the solar panels of many small PV cells linked together, which convert sunlight into electricity, where each cell is made of certain materials with two slices of semiconductor material such as silicon, for example, leading to the production of an electric field, thereby gaining each slice negative or positive electrical charge. [2]

Phosphorus is used in the upper layer of silicon in order to add more electrons, and the acquisition of a negative charge, while boron is used in the bottom layer to produce a smaller number of electrons and acquire a positive charge, leading to the addition of an electric field when you connect silicon layers, and other components used with the aim of this conversion electrons to a valid energy use, when collide with photons of optical electrons free the electric field moves electrons away from the points of contact silicon layers, then sheet metal conductive on both sides of the cells of these electrons collect and transfer to the electrical wiring, which leads to the flow of electrons like any other electrical source . [2]

Wind Energy

Has to take advantage of wind energy as a source for more than a thousand years, and despite replacing fuel fossil in the twentieth century, but it has been referenced and currently used as a source of electricity, boils down to work in the wind rotates the wind turbine blades to convert wind energy into rotational mechanical energy, which turns into electrical energy, and states that these turbines do not work at any wind speed, as as it may be disrupted if the wind is strong, and accordingly it is provided with the turbine unit mechanical control, which is triggered when blowing an initial wind speeds ranging between 13 and 90 km / h to generate electricity, while the control unit to stop the turbine if the wind speed exceeds that limit. [3]

Fossil fuels

Fossil fuel is any material hydrocarbon of biological origin are present in the earth's crust, and can be consumed as a source of energy, and includes fossil fuel oil, coal, tar, natural gas and others, where the burning of any of these species in the air to produce heat, and the heat is used to this in production of steam, which is useful in the operation of electric generators that produce electricity. [4]

Energy flowing water

Can take advantage of the water flowing through the construction of big tank, where they are booked rivers by dam to produce an artificial lake, and then directing the water to the tunnels dam, exploiting water tunnels energy flowing in the recycling of turbines that move the generators producing electricity, and states that the engineers control the the amount of water flowing through the dam, where it is open most of the tunnels leading to the turbine in the event of the need for more energy, while some of them are closed when you need less energy. [5]

Engineers developed during the twentieth century, several ways to exploit tidal movement and the islands in the generation of electricity in areas where there is tidal dramatically, and include these methods, the use of private generators to convert islands tidal energy into electricity, and this is still the way in its infancy, and The amount of energy produced during which a few are considered so far. [6]

Nuclear Energy

Used the power of steam for hundreds of years, it has produced a nuclear reactor steam as a result of the heat generated from the process of nuclear fission, where energy is released from the nuclear fission of enriched uranium, and are controlled in nuclear power plants by converting the resulting heat from fission into electrical energy through the water processing in the heart of the nuclear reactor containing uranium packages and convert it into steam, and then exploit the steam to move the turbine, which operates the electric generator to produce energy. [7]

Electricity piezoelectricity

Electricity piezoelectricity (in English: Piezoelectricity) is the electric power generated by mechanical pressure, which includes various movements such as walking, for example, where the body is exposed to the pressure may lead to the formation of a positive charge on the compact side, and a negative charge on the other side, and when you remove this pressure flowing stream electrician through the material. [8]


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