How born monkey

How born monkey


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The birth of the monkey

There is little information related to the behavior of reproduction of the monkeys, because they are from animals that give birth at night away from the attendance of the day, but the results of research related to the birth of monkeys recently by researchers studying the reproductive behavior of the golden monkey pug nose (in English: Rhinopithecus roxellana) in the mountains Kunlun in China, has shown the continuation of the process of birth of the female monkey for four minutes and ten seconds, as noted that the mother received assistance during the birth of the other, which can be considered viable birth. [1]

Download female monkey

Pass female monkey what is known as the menstrual cycle each month, which makes it possible occurrence of mating and pregnancy at any time of the year, except for some species that breed seasonal times, and are typically the birth of a child one at a time, and take mother care for him. [2]

Pregnancy among female monkey depends on the kind, where the duration of carrying a platoon rhesus 164 days, and the gestation period of a platoon baboon is up to about 187 days, as the child is considered an adult when the monkey four or five years old. [3]

Monkey Food

Many believe people that monkeys eat bananas only, but this is not true, Valkarod is one of the carnivorous animals of meat in addition to plants, and it shall devour most of the monkeys nuts, fruits, seeds, flowers, plus they eat birds' eggs, small lizards, insects, spiders . [3]

Places to live monkey

Most monkeys live on the trees, but there are some of them live in the plains and mountains, while remaining in constant travel to search for food, and is considered a tribe of monkeys are very cooperative with each other, which takes care of the younger and protect monkeys, play and have fun together, and is the largest and most powerful is the monkey leader of the tribe, which is paired with a large group of females. . [3]


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