How are studying physics

How are studying physics


  • 1 method of studying physics
  • 2 focus on the exam
  • 3 tips for studying physics
  • 4 References

Method of studying physics

Can be successful in the study of physics by summarizing the scientific material, including content of ideas and laws in the form of points so as not to exceed more than two-page summary, then the student resolved some issues on each law textbook or from different scientific sources, and in this way entail laws the mind of the student in an orderly manner and that the student forgets some of the points he can remember more focus, and in this way the student can set limits for the substance and control, and the student must retain the abstract until needed. [1]

Focus on the exam

Many students suffer from the problem of lack of focus, and Astton understanding of the teacher and resolve issues that ask them in homework, and so things do not mix with the student on the student's focus should ideas in his mind in an orderly fashion, and to resolve all issues previous examinations conducted in the school and others until it becomes exam routine when students. [2]

Resolving issues problem in physics they use mathematics, and after reading the question the first time we arrange the data and determine the required and write the law that we need to resolve the question, and compensate the values ​​in question, and if there are some values ​​do not exist with the data we try to find them using the previous laws and Nawwadha in the mathematical relationship to get a solution. [2]

Tips to study Physics

Things that help to study physics include: [3]

  • Read the unit quick read of the ministerial or Savior book.
  • Keeping tariffs and sports laws text.
  • Resolve the issues in the book; Because the simple ones and difficult ones who need to make the effort.
  • Examples of difficult solution more than once compared to the solution to dissolve the book.
  • You must understand the steps to resolve the issues and not saved because the issues are different from each other and conservation leads to solving problems the wrong way.
  • A review of the functioning of scientific instruments and their functions, and their uses, the graph, and sports law.
  • Remember reasoning, and interpretation of issues and factors based experiments.
  • Study the evidence and conclusions and experiences.
  • Solve all book questions, understand questions multiple choice.
  • Making fake maps to link laws with each other.
  • The student is always needed in the study of physics pen, book, and calculator.


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