How are grown tomato seeds

How are grown tomato seeds


  • 1 method of cultivation of tomato seeds
  • 2 Tips When planting tomato seeds
  • 3 common pests of tomato seedlings
  • 4 References

Method of cultivation of tomato seeds

For the cultivation of tomato seeds must do the following: [1]

  • Moisturizing the soil to be used for agriculture, which are dedicated to seed germination is not usually from the garden soil, and then packaged in a small pot of agriculture, up 12 mm, with attention to the lack of pressure on them.
  • Put two atoms to three atoms in each small bowl, covered with soil, up 6 mm.
  • Rey upper layer of soil by wetting the upper layer of them only, avoid soaked with water.
  • Vessels put in a warm place, with reference to the seeds at this stage does not need light.
  • Cover your blood nylon encapsulates the food kitchen "plastic kitchen wrap"; To maintain moisture.
  • Check vessels on a daily basis, and remove cover them and move them to a sunny window or under the light once you see the buds, taking care vessels rotate on a daily basis so grow the plant straight instead of the tendency towards the light, and be sure to keep the light away several centimeters from the plant tops.
  • Maintain moist soil is saturated with water, and can be identified to the need for water by looking at the color of the soil which becomes dull when you need it.

Tips When planting tomato seeds

When planting tomato seeds prefer to follow the following tips: [2]

  • Soil supply fertilizer soluble in water as soon as the growth of leaves on tomato seedlings, and seedlings means turning the color to purple (violet) that the soil needs more fertilizer.
  • Move the light source or bridge the distance between him and the plant when observing an increase in the length of the stalks of tomato seedlings.
  • Run air fan in the room where the seedlings are planted; To reduce the risk of medical problems such as the death of seedlings (in English: damping off). [1]

Common pests of tomato seedlings

Common pests of tomato seedlings include: [3]

  • Worms biting: It is the larvae of several species of mites, and is characterized by gray or brown or black Blunha, and a length of approximately 1.3 cm, and can protect the seedlings of them by enclosed paper cardboard cartons with a length of approximately 8 cm.
  • Tomato worm cornea and a length of approximately 10 cm, a green color, and feed on the leaves and damaged parts of the fruit is ripe, and can maintain a constant pruning of the plant to prevent them, and through the deadly bacteria to insects (in English: Bacillus thuringiensis).
  • Tomato worm: and a length of approximately 4 cm, and vary in color from green, yellow, pink and dark brown, with dark lines on her back, and can be disposed of by lethal bacteria to insects (in English: Bacillus thuringiensis).


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