How are grown Alkaka

How are grown Alkaka


  • 1 cultivation Alkaka
  • 2 climate in which they live Alkaka trees
  • 3 soil cultivated by Alkaka
  • 4 methods of reproduction in Alkaka trees
  • 5. With regard to the distances between trees Alkaka
  • Care 6 trees Alkaka

Cultivation Alkaka

Alkaka and Honoa of good fruit and sweet taste and known since Hakaddm the Greeks Akaddama as "Gods fruit", due out fruit Alkaka to China, where it is cultivated in the east and north Asia so that the temperature is close to "27" degrees, in addition to that they are grown in areas Levant, Tunisia and Turkey, and its types and different shapes and sizes, some call cream, figs and persimmons Kherma and Alakkaka.

The climate in which they live Alkaka trees

Agriculture is Alkaka in tropical and tropical regions temperate regions of the Mediterranean Sea, so that Alkaka trees can not continue to grow at a temperature of less than zero as this heat is dangerous on them, and in the winter must be cold no more than a total of one hundred hours only and mostly grown in the month of December.

Soil that is cultivated by Alkaka

So you get a good growing season for trees Alkaka must be in extensive soil and which have the excellent exchange rate.

Methods of reproduction in Alkaka trees

Breed trees Alkaka mostly by making FLAGELLATE installation, so be on the assets derived from seeds, and can be used for reproduction in a way vaccination Darie.

With regard to the distances between trees Alkaka

Distances vary in planting Alkaka trees, so depending on the fertility of the land and the product was grown, where the distance between each tree and the other nearly three and a half meters in the trees that are on one row in addition to the same distance in rows in the case of a few product growth and these varieties: Alheiacomi trees and increase the distance so up to 4-6 meters in varieties that are characterized by force, such as Alhashiya, and Altamoban.

Trees Alkaka Care

  • It is plowing the ground before winter and rain is falling as well as in the summer.
  • And Tzmd trees winter period.
  • Troy trees Alkaka during the summer when there is no rain, because the lack of irrigation lead to the small size of the fruit.


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