History of Ancient Art

History of Ancient Art

History of Ancient Art

Art on Earth since the very beginning of human existence on the ground, where his inclination appeared to express itself through a number of drawings and sculptures that were found on some of them, were those fees have many connotations as a kind of appeal, or distress, or an expression of hunger, or Alouhcp , or the need for eternity and other connotations.

Human tendencies of old were not confined to painting as a kind of art, but also the music that he drew from the sound of nature around him, through the twitter of birds and the sound of the wind and the leaves of trees, have been found on a number of simple tools that reflect the first attempts to play and version sounds tune sounds he hears from the nature around him.

History of Ancient Music Art

The ancient art is a term that is used in the process of distinguishing between music in the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries for the music that has spread in the fourteenth century, which was named (New Art), where the ancient art has included music school (Notre Dame) in the twelfth century AD, and the great teachers Birotan.

Known as the Notre Dame School (Aloorjanom), a kind of singing non-religious, followed by another form is (Almuteb), it was considered the most important in the ancient art. It was one of the greatest types of evolution in the ancient art (music) establish the strict rhythms process that relies on specific rules for these patterns, where it is used three to four voices, and were sung those tracks with one polyphonic voice Kmusiqa chamber music.

Then the song appeared in the music Almnobonah mundane as well as the evolution of church music Balbolefonih, and has authored Almnfinuh musicians (Oltraufer, and Almnasinger, and Oltroppadur).

The history of the art of painting and sculpture old

The first man industry by using clay figurines, and an example of the statue, which Althurin wild was found in Odobrt attest, this is because the history of the statue for the period between thirteen thousand and eight thousand BC.

It was called the small statues that was man-made ancient Alofreuditat name, including an existing statue at the Museum of Bordeaux named Aphrodite Lucille, and a statue height of forty-four centimeters, and a statue of Aphrodite another Modjod in Austria, has been industry of limestone and a height of a ten-centimeter.

It has evolved art a great development in the Greek and Romanian Ages, when the emergence of a kind of tendency towards taking the arts of the various analysis and description and commentary when the intellectuals of the Romans and Margehm, in order to reach the best degrees description and definition of such arts as well as to highlight them.

Characterized by Romanian momentum civilization its bid in the field of plastic arts, and the most important art schools in the world is old and Manifold Egyptian art remaining evidence of this great art fresh yet of a lot of drawings, sculptures and other types of old and the great Egyptian art.


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