Heights Sultan Murad in Turkey

Heights Sultan Murad in Turkey


  • Heights 1 Sultan Murad 1.1 Naming Heights Sultan Murad 1.2 Tourism in the highlands of Sultan Murad 1.3 The most important landmarks Heights Sultan Murad
  • 1.1 Naming Heights Sultan Murad
  • 1.2 Tourism in the highlands of Sultan Murad
  • 1.3 The most important landmarks Heights Sultan Murad

Heights Sultan Murad

Heights Sultan Murad Sultan Murat Yayla is located in the western part of the city of Trabzon in northern Turkey, and separates them from the charming Lake Ooznjul a distance of about 35 kilometers, as far from the same province about 75 kilometers. The region is a mild climate so they are characterized by green Besifaa white winters, as icebound green cover vast areas and in the winter rain and snow it covered, also by virtue of its scenic landscape high mountain peaks as the beholder watching the clouds and the clouds from above.

Most famous for this region are deer hunting spread, and because of the large numbers of deer where it has a protected area was established in the Turkish government imposed a ban on fishing in efforts to keep them from extinction.

Naming the heights of Sultan Murad

The reason for naming this region by this name to the presence of the tomb of Sultan Murad between its territory and the Sultan took the sixth of them based upon his return from Iran and resided under the leadership of his armies Friday prayers.

Tourism in the highlands of Sultan Murad

The region is considered a tourist attraction in the province of Trabzon, where people flock to it from all over the surrounding villages, and be in the holiday seasons, religious and national, in particular, as it is considered a breeding ground intended for camping and outdoor. Bazaars hosted by the region's population, including penile tourists impressive Iqimoh of celebrations in the foothills of the mountains Kaaadat and traditions of the charming city also contributes.

Visitors can reach the area to cross through Ooznjul through the coastal road Chaikra area that precedes by Ooznjul two kilometers, the road is paved with asphalt and the end of the dirt, and enjoys passing this way scenic beauty that fascinates the eyes.

The area has a number of elements of tourism as the existence of hotels, where he encouraged tourists to stay longer in the region, and features hotels in this area Broatha and is only just bungalows, any space wooden has a private bathroom area is large, but it includes all the services possible that needed by tourists, in addition to the presence of landmarks encouraged that 4

The most important landmarks Heights Sultan Murad

  • Monastery of the famous Sumila: is one of the most attractive tourist attractions for tourists, with the advantage of building a way that it is amazing landmark archaeological and natural at the same time as the tourist crosses a road full of waterfalls, rivers and landscapes.
  • Lake Ooznjul: This lake enjoys a great international reputation, a picturesque natural lakes, and tourists flock to enjoy the magnificent its landmarks.


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